On-Campus Locations

Students at Case Western Reserve University have a variety of locations at which to eat! Students can start the day off with a made to order omelet at Leutner Commons.  They can enjoy a Jolly burger for lunch at the Jolly Scholar or grab an afternoon quick takeout lunch at the Grab-It with their friends!  

Please check the Bon Appetit website for current location operating hours. The Grubhub App can also be used to check for store hours late night and on the weekend. Some locations have Active Cashier technology(AC). While most location rely on the Grubhub algorithm to determine when your food will be ready, this can result in some locations being far behind the stated delivery time due to sudden order rushes. The Active Cashier(AC) technology allows the location to send a text directly to you once your meal is completed & ready for pick up, thereby eliminating the guesswork.

New for Fall 2021, we are launching 3 new Retail locations; Pearl's Kitchen (PK at CWRU) located in the TVUC building, and will feature fresh Cajun themed cooking. Fujisan Sushi will featuring fresh sushi and other items will be opening in Tomlinson just in time for the school year. Roaming Biscuit which will be a new biscuit concept opening in BRB Cafe'. 

Additionally, the Fribley Commons refurbishment is complete and the new location will feature a late night coffee bar, a dedicated vegetarian station, Pizza & Pasta station, Rotating Asian/Taco concept and a made-to-order station just to name a few.

CWRU Main Quad Dine-In Take Out Mobile Ordering Meal Swipe
1-2-1 Recovery Zone   Yes Yes  
Einstein Bros. Bagels  Yes Yes    
Sages - Crawford Hall Yes Yes Yes  
Tomlinson Subway  Yes Yes Yes-AC  Portable
Tomlinson Local Taco Yes Yes Yes-AC  Portable
Tomlinson Fujisan Sushi  Yes Yes Yes  Portable
Grab-It - Sears Library    Yes    Regular


Central Campus Dine - In Take Out Mobile Ordering Meal Swipe
Jolly Scholar  Yes Yes Yes  Regular
TVUC - Cool Beanz  Yes Yes Yes  Portable
TVUC - Pinzas  Yes Yes Yes  Portable
TVUC - Melt U Yes Yes Yes  Portable
TVUC - PK@CWRU Yes Yes Yes  Portable
Michelson & Morley  Yes Yes    
Bag-It - KSL Library Yes Yes    Regular
Cramelot Cafe - KSL Library  Yes Yes    


Health Sciences Complex Dine - In Take Out Mobile Ordering Meal Swipe
BRB Cafe'  Yes Yes Yes  Regular
BRB Starbucks  Yes Yes Yes  
Health Education Campus Dine - In Take Out Mobile Ordering Meal Swipe
HEC Kitchen  Yes Yes Yes - AC  Regular
Press & Bakery  Yes Yes    
North Campus Dine - In Take Out Mobile Ordering Meal Swipe
Leutner Commons  Yes Yes    Regular
L3 Grill  Yes Yes Yes  Regular
The Den   Yes Yes Yes-AC  Regular
Starbucks at NRV Yes Yes Yes  
Res Judicafe  Yes Yes    
Dunkin' @ Uptown Yes Yes Yes  Portable
Plum Market Kitchen  Yes Yes Yes-AC  Portable
Dave's Cosmic Subs Yes Yes    


South Campus Dine - In Take Out Mobile Ordering Meal Swipe
Fribley Commons  Yes Yes    Regular
Fribley Late Night Cafe' Yes Yes Yes  Regular
Southside Scholar Yes Yes Yes  Regular