Where to Eat

You may not know this, but Cleveland is a wonderful place for food! There is always something new happening on the Cleveland food scene and don't just take our word for it, as both Thrillist and Eater have both mentioned the Cleveland food landscape in recent articles. Our you can check out one of our many local eateries and restaurants!

Contributing to this innovative food landscape is Bon Appetit Management Company, the on-site restaurant company, which provides full service management in our meal plan locations, as well as many retail locations throughout campus.

Their core values align very closely with CWRU’s creativity and sustainability beliefs. Food is cooked from scratch, and developed into recipes created completely by trained on-site chefs. They do not follow corporate recipe books – instead, our chefs have the freedom to use their knowledge and creativity. They are also a pioneer in environmentally sound sourcing policies – they developed programs addressing local purchasing, overuse of antibiotics, sustainable seafood, the food–climate change connection, humanely raised meat and eggs, and farmworkers’ rights.

We, along with Bon Appetit’s team at CWRU also encourage a “Just Ask” environment – urging students to ask any question they have - from inquiring about ingredients to special meal requests due to dietary restrictions. It is Bon Appetit's, and our, belief that this dialogue is crucial to the ongoing success of our meal plan.

Additionally, the CaseOneCard encourages our students to expand the variety of their meal plans through the use of CaseCash at a wide array of participating local restaurants, such as the Jolly Scholar our vary own Bar & Brewery or any of our nearby off-campus vendors.