Preferred Caterers

‌Bon Appétit is the University's food service provider and it is suggested that they are used for any catered function or affair. For more information, please contact their catering department at 216.368.4548 or visit their website.

All Preferred Caterers

If you have specific questions regarding an issue with your event or vendor, please contact Mary Luberger.

Remember that all catering request must adhere to the University's Catering policy. You can review the University Catering policy here. Orders that do not adhere to the policy could be denied.

Name Owner, Contact Phone Credit Card Menu on file
Bon Appétit

Jim Boland

Robin Palmer



Yes Full Service Catering, Corporate & Custom Menu available.
Bon Appetit at Cleveland Botanical Gardens Peggy Hausser 216.244.2811 (cell) Yes Full Service Catering on and off premises
A Taste 
of Excellence

Chris Winter

Bill Rini

440.845.5570 (fax)

Yes Full Service Catering, Corporate & Custom Menu available, Drop-off, Rental Equipment
Aladdin's Eatery Dany Aoun 216.932.4333 Yes Mid-eastern and Lebanese menu, No liquor. Drop-off only
Driftwood Catering - Landerhaven  Melissa Marik

440.449.0700 Ext. 279
Yes Full Service, custom, and personalized catering.
Unique multiple venues including meeting space
Fire Food and Drink

Event Coordinator: 
Suzanne Redford 

Doug Katz

216.921.1957 (fax)
Yes Full Service Catering. Seasonal and custom menus available. Local and sustainable
Food for Thought Bonnie Matthew 440.946.0383
440.946.8801 (fax)
Yes Full service and customized menus available.
Flexible hours
Gargano's Frank Gargano 216.749.0336 216.749.0336 (fax) Yes less than $500 No Liquor, Full Service and Drop-off, Corporate &
Custom Menu available, serves up to 500 people. Vegetarian and pizza available.
Hot Sauce Williams MBE Deborah Williams 216.391.2230
216.338.7877 (cell) 216.391.5524 (fax)
Yes No Liquor, Full-service, and Drop-off. Serves up to 400
Italian Creations Ross Keller 216.226.2282 Yes Full service, Serves up to 800 people Menus available.
Jolly Scholar Matt Vann 216.368.0090 Yes Menus available online. On-campus facility at Thwing. Liquor available in facility.
Kantina Seth Bromberg 216.231.1079 Yes  Kosher Catering
Kim's Catering Service, Inc. Kim Vitko 216.459.1109 216.577.8128 (cell) 216.459.1509 (fax) Yes Full service catering. Liquor available, menus provided on request
L'Albatros Brasserie Kim Paradise 216.791.7880 216.791.7886 (fax) Yes Full-service catering, Corporate, and Custom Menu available, open lunch and dinner. Dining and takeout available, gift certificates available.
Marigold Erik Curry 216.536.7403
216.566.5403 (fax)
Yes Full-service catering. Customized menus Available
Normandy Catering Melissa Leone 440.585.5850 
ext. 10
440.585.9947 (fax) 
Yes Full Service, Serves small and large groups. Customized menus and Vegan , Kosher available.
Rascal House Collin Khalaf 216.791.4444 216.791.6264 (fax) Yes Catering. Menus Available. Pizza, wings, sub trays
Sandy Beckwith (aka Fresh & Fancy) Sandy Beckwith 216.261.4427 Yes No Liquor Menus available
Trifles Event Planner: Jean Ann Koprowski 440.247.8595 Yes Full Service, Custom Menu, Drop-off