About the CaseOneCard

It's your official identification card. It's your access for everything - from checking out books at the Library to accessing the Tinkham Veale University Center to eating at the Dining Halls or even at area restaurants. It's the Way to Pay for everything you need, on campus and off.  It's the CaseOneCard, and when you've got it you've got your Passport to Life at Case Western Reserve University!

What other piece of plastic lets you do all this?

  • Get into your residence hall and other university facilities
  • Pay for textbooks at the Campus Bookstore
  • Buy discounted movie and attraction tickets
  • Make photocopies at university copiers and grab a Pepsi® or a snack from a vending machine
  • Activate it to use as a PNC ATM Card
  • Use for your RTA Pass to get around Cleveland

It's easy to see why the CaseOneCard is your Passport to Life - it's all you need to make it through a day at Case Western Reserve University.

*Note* To obtain the CaseOneCard you must have an official government photo ID (i.e., state driver's license, military ID, passport or state ID card).  State ID cards are issued to non-driving residents for identification purposes.  Visit to learn more about obtaining a state ID card.

How To Get Your CaseOneCard

To obtain a CaseOneCard, please bring with you one form of government issued photo identification (e.g. a driver's license, state ID, passport, etc.) to Access Services.

Your CaseOneCard comes with a stored-value account called CaseCash. CaseCash is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on and off campus. To use it, simply deposit money into your CaseCash account and the balance will decline with each purchase you make.

So use it to grab a coffee in the morning at NRV Starbucks, mail something from the on-campus post office, and get movie tickets. CaseCash is also accepted at some of Cleveland's most popular off-campus businesses.

Balances on your CaseCash account roll over from term to term and year to year. There are no fees associated with CaseCash; however, unlike an ATM, CaseCash funds are not available for cash withdrawal.


  • The CaseOneCard is all you need to make it through the day. It's the cashless way to make purchases and gets you access all over campus. There's no need to carry cash, change, checks, ATM or credit cards.
  • It's easy to use. It's simple for you or your parents to deposit money, with a Mastercard or Visa, into your account throughout the semester. Balances roll over each term, and year to year, if you have any money leftover when finals roll around.
  • Debt-free, worry-free, and hassle-free. Since your CaseOneCard isn't a credit card, you never have to worry about racking up debt or receiving surprise bills at the end of the semester.
  • Know what you're spending. Get up-to-date balance reports each time you use the card and view your transaction history with a click of the mouse.
  • Your account is safe. CaseCash is safer than carrying cash and more secure than checks or a check card. What if your CaseOneCard is lost or stolen? No problem! Suspend activity on your lost or stolen CaseOneCard and you'll be covered.

For the Parents

Parents will find that CaseCash is a convenient way to provide your student with spending money that will be used responsibly.


  • It's easy to use! It's simple to provide your student with money throughout the year through multiple depositing methods. To deposit money online with a Mastercard/Visa just visit our online portal.
  • A budgeting tool for your student! Your son or daughter's CaseCash account is the most effective tool for you to establish a budget for your student. It's a DEBT-free alternative to giving your student a credit card.
  • Accepting locations are local and university-approved! Student purchases are limited to university-sanctioned businesses on and around the campus.
  • Safety! Using a CaseOneCard as a method of payment is safer than carrying around cash or credit cards. Plus, your student's account is value-protected against loss or theft once it's reported as missing.
  • CaseCash Online Deposits! You may use a MasterCard or Visa with your student's 7 digit Student ID Number to process a guest deposit to their CaseOneCard through our online portal.

For Faculty/Staff

Welcome! We're happy to extend to you all of the benefits of the CaseOneCard Program. Your CaseOneCard gets you access to the library, academic and administrative buildings.

It's easier than ever to use CaseCharge to purchase what you need on and off campus - from vending and copy machines to morning coffee to lunch at your favorite local restaurants. There's no reason to carry anything but the CaseOneCard when you're on campus.


Under the CaseCharge program, Faculty and Staff with a university ID card will be able to purchase goods and services at on and off campus locations.

Full time employees will have a $250 purchase limit, part-time employees a $125 purchase limit. Under the program, full and part time employees will have their CaseOneCard expenses directly deducted from their paycheck at the end of the month.  The balance resets the second Tuesday of every month at midnight.

CaseCharge transaction history and balance information can be accessed on this website by activating your account.

To open your CaseCharge account, fill out the CaseOneCard form, print it out, and drop it by Access Services - Crawford Hall Room 18 from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Monday - Friday.

Note: New employees, or those returning from a leave, suspension or break in service, must be on CWRU payroll for at least 30 days before they have access to their CaseCharge privileges.

CaseOneCard Interdepartmental Charge Card Information

CWRU departments have the opportunity to request Interdepartmental Charge (IDC) cards for a charge of $3.75 to set up the account and issue the card. IDC Cards can be set up to be funded via Speedtype, but if the Speedtype funding the card is funded through a grant, please be sure to include a copy of the Notice of Award (NOA) with your request. The NOA can be obtained from the Research Administration Office (ext. 4510). Once issued, authorizing person is responsible for any charges made with the card and for notifying Auxiliary Services of any changes in funding.

Track the usage of your IDC card using eAccounts.

Departments can card use their IDC cards at the following locations:

  • University Bookstore
  • Selected copy machines in University Libraries

For Merchants

All students use their official CaseOneCard to eat at the dining hall, access residence halls, and easily purchase the things they need - without the hassles of carrying cash. Now, CaseCash enables these students to make purchases with their IDs off campus and you could be a participating business!

The off-campus merchant locations are the core of our CaseCash program. Whether you're simply seeking more information, or are interested in joining the CaseCash network, we'd like to hear from you. Looking to become a CaseOneCard merchant? Please contact for information about program benefits and rates. 

For merchant and technical support of site-specific hardware, or other questions, please email Merchant Support at

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a visual verification; no information is recorded from the picture ID. This procedure is designed to protect the privacy of each person obtaining a card and add security to the carding procedure.

ID photos are taken at Access Services in lower level of Crawford Hall, room 18. Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM – 4PM.

Bring a photo ID such as driver's license, passport, or state ID. You will also need $25 (CaseCash, cash, check, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) if you need a replacement card. Students must be currently enrolled and fees must be paid in order to obtain a CaseOneCard. 

If you are an undergrad you need to stop at the undergrad admissions office to get a letter verifying your identification.

No; you cannot choose your ID number. Your 7-digit CaseOneCard Student ID number is assigned in SIS.

No; you cannot choose your background on your card. The background of your card is chosen by your affiliation with the university. 

Access Services does not release university ID photos. 

Students, Permanent Employees, and Faculty members: Your first card is provided at no charge. However, the charge for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards is $25.

Temporary Employees, Contractors, & Others: The cost for your ID card is $25 for a proximity card. 

Access request must come from the person authorized for the area. Kelvin Smith Library and Veale Convocation Center is standard access for all case students and staff. 

If you punch a hole in your card it may no longer function properly. If this happens, you are responsible for the replacement fee. We sell holders that you can place your ID card in and put on your key chain. 

If you already have a Meal Plan with CaseCash your card is activated for purchases on and off-campus. If not, stop by Access Services, Crawford Hall, Room 18 from 9 AM to 4 PM M-F. and make an initial deposit of at least $5 to open your account. 

Your CaseCash cannot be retrieved as cash. However, due to a contractual arrangement with PNC Bank, your CaseOneCard can be linked to a PNC Bank account. It can then be used as an ATM card or to make Point of Sales transactions using your Personal Identification Number (PIN) For information and instructions, please see

Not always. It is best to call us first at 216.368.2273. We will try to fix your card over the phone, but sometimes we must see the card to fix the problem. 

Temp Cards are issued by the Wade, and Fribley Area Offices to students who have lost their ID but still need to access their Residence Hall and/or meal plan. If you have lost, misplaced or had your ID card stolen, visit the Area Office near your residence hall and sign up for a replacement card. 

When you find the lost ID, or buy a replacement, you must return the Temp Card so that your ID card will work again.  Temp Cards are activated for 3 days. Extensions and special arrangements have to made through the Area Office. 

Yes; we will try to notify you by email. 

Our budget accounts, as best we can, for giving new students & employees their first ID cards free. The replacement fee covers the cost of the materials used in reprinting the ID card. 

No; Your ID card is university property that should be turned into Access Services upon your departure from the university. You can mail your ID card back to address listed on the back of the card. 

Students on Meal Plan which includes CaseCash: Already have their CaseOneCard accounts open. You can add additional funds either online at Value Transfer Stations or at Access Services Office.

Students not enrolled in the meal plan or a plan without CaseCash: Must open and activate their CaseOneCard account. You may fill in a CaseOneCard Account Application, enclose a check of at least $5 as the initial deposit and send the form by Campus mail to Access Services, Crawford Hall, Room 18. We will notify you by e-mail once the account has been activated and the funds deposited. You may also drop by Access Services, Crawford Hall, Room 18 from 9AM to 4PM M-F & make an initial deposit of at least $5. 

Your first deposit must be done by mail or in person at Access Services: Subsequent deposits can be done online, at Value Transfer Stations, by mail with checks, or in person at Access Services.

Employees: Must fill out the CaseCharge Account Terms & Conditions Form, and mail it to Access Services, Crawford Hall, Room 18, or drop it off in person. 

It does not cost anything to open an account. Your initial deposit needs to be a minimum of $5.00.  You do not pay interest, monthly service charges, or annual membership dues. 

You can use your card at various on- and off-campus locations.

Cash deposits (in increments of $1, $5, $10 and $20; does not take $50) can be made at Value Transfer Stations around campus.  VTS locations are Wade Commons, Thwing Center and Fribley. Credit and debit card deposits (Visa and MC only) are accepted online or in person; have your Visa or MasterCard and student ID number ready. You can send checks by mail, as well to Access Services, 10900 Euclid Ave. Crawford Hall, Room 18 Cleveland, OH 44106. In addition, you may bill up to $1000/semester to your Bursar’s Account. 

Yes; MasterCard or VISA deposits are accepted online. Parents will need your 7 digit student ID number and a MasterCard or VISA to complete the transaction here. Parents can also send checks in the mail to Access Services, 10900 Euclid Ave. Crawford Hall, Room 18 Cleveland, OH 44106.

You cannot withdraw funds from your account. Withdrawals are not permitted from CaseOneCard. You can close your account and request a refund, but remember you can use the funds on your card to make purchases on and off campus.

You may check your balance online via your eAccount. Account statements can only be accessed online, information is updated daily.

No; your parents can not check balance unless you share that information with them. We are not legally permitted to give that information to anyone other than account holder. You are not legally obligated to share that information.

Students may close accounts and obtain refunds upon graduation, withdrawal from the University, or at the end of the Spring Semester. We may also issue refunds to credit or debit cards in special cases. Refund requests must be submitted to via an email from your CWRU email account. The fee for refunds is $15.00 so refunds will only be issued for amounts higher than $15. 

Your account remains open and funds carry over to the next year unless you request a refund. 

Please e-mail Access Services at, or call (216)368-CARD (2273). You may also stop down to our office on the ground floor of Crawford Hall, Room 18, 9AM to 4PM Monday-Friday.

Step 1:  It is Very Important that you report your card lost/stolen as soon as you discover it is missing. First, report your card lost or stolen as soon as possible; you should go online to the CaseOneCard web site at and deactivate your meal plan and CaseCash  (no one else will be able to use it) or you can call Access Services during business hours (9AM to 4PM M-F Crawford Hall Room 18) at 368-2273. After hours, weekends and holidays call 368-3333.

Step 2:  If your card has been stolen, file a police report. A copy of the report may be submitted to our office and after reviewed, the replacement fee may be waived. The University reserves the right to file charges and discipline any cardholder that files a fraudulent police report to avoid paying for card transactions. 

Cardholder will be responsible for the first $50 dollars spent in the account if reported within 48hrs from the incident. Liability will not exceed $500 if reported within 60 calendar days. If reported after 60-calendar days liability will be unlimited.

For your security; if you recover your ID card, YOU MUST personally bring your card to Access Services or Auxiliary Services to request that your card be reactivated. 

If you lose or replace your CaseOneCard and it was linked to a PNC Bank Account, you must notify PNC Bank immediately. Follow the procedure outlined at

Note: With the changes to the CaseOneCard banking partnership, U.S. Bank will no longer be activating CaseOneCards to work with U.S. Bank Checking accounts.

Yes. Case Western Reserve University stored value accounts (i.e. CaseCash, CaseCharge, et al) can not be used to purchase the following items;

  • Alcohol beverages or products
  • Tobacco products
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gift Cards

CaseOneCard Terms & Conditions

The Card: The CaseOneCard is intended to be used the entire time you are associated with the University. It is not necessary to obtain a new card each semester. In order to receive CaseOneCard you must present a valid form of photo identification at the time of application (driver's license, state ID, passport, etc.). Your card should be carried at all times and must be presented to University officials upon request. The card is non-transferable. The CaseOneCard must be presented at the time of purchase and shall be the only means of accessing the cardholder's account. 

Liability for Illegitimate Use of Accounts: If a CaseOneCard is lost or stolen, the cardholder is responsible for the first $50.00 spent in the account if reported within 48 hours from the incident. Liability will not exceed $500.00 if reported within 60 calendar days. If reported after 60 calendar days, liability will be unlimited. Report lost or stolen cards online 24 hours a day or call Access Services during regular business hours at 368-2273 or 368-3333 after business hours. Once reported as lost or stolen, the card will be deactivated. The card and account will remain deactivated until the rightful owner has the card reactivated. To reactivate a card, the cardholder must request reactivation from Access Services in person, ID card must be present. Only Access Services can reactivate a card once it is reported as lost or stolen. Only one CaseOneCard per cardholder may be valid at any time. 

Privacy/Disclosure of Account Information to Third Parties: The University will disclose information about your account to third parties, including Blackboard Inc. and participating vendors, only (1) if Blackboard or a vendor needs to determine whether your account has been charged or refunded properly; (2) to reconcile sales to and reimbursements from vendors; (3) to comply with court orders or applicable laws; or (4) if you give specific written permission for the disclosure. By depositing money into the CaseCash account you accept the foregoing terms and all of the other terms and conditions of the program. 

Documentation of Account Activity: The cardholder can request a receipt at the time of purchase if the point of sale terminal is equipped to provide a receipt. Some locations including copiers, printing stations and vending readers are not capable of providing receipts. The remaining balance in the cardholders CaseCash is displayed at every point of sale terminal each time the account is accessed. The cashier, at any location accepting CaseCash, may be asked to verify an account balance. Occasionally the account balance is not available at a card reader. During these times, cardholders can check CaseCash account balances online or Access Services (during business hours) will provide a balance whenever possible. The cardholder can also request a statement detailing the Debit Account activity in person during regular business hours at Access Services. There is a $1.00 fee for paper statements.

Insufficient Funds/Offline Transactions/Negative Balances: Under normal conditions the cardholder will not be able to overdraw his/her account. If under certain unusual circumstances, an insufficient funds condition might occur, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to provide restitution. If the condition is not cleared the insufficient funds amount will remain negative and unusable and/or the University may seek recovery from the cardholder. 

Refunds: The University will refund the remaining balance of CaseCash upon one of the following conditions: (1) graduation from Case Western Reserve University, (2) withdrawal from Case Western Reserve University, or (3) at the end of the academic year upon request. If you are leaving the University, you must request an account refund in writing. Refunds will only be issued for amounts greater than $1.00. All refunds are at full CaseCash value minus a $15.00 processing fee. 

Error Resolution Procedures: As soon as the cardholder believes there is a discrepancy or would like more information, CWRU should be contacted. The communication must include: (1) the cardholder's name and Case Western Reserve University Identification number; (2) a description of the transaction in question and the discrepancy; (3) the dollar amount of the transaction. CWRU will inform the cardholder of the results of the investigation within 10 business days after notification from the cardholder and will correct any error promptly. If more time is required, however, CWRU may take up to 45 days to review the discrepancy. If the additional 45 days is required, CWRU will credit the cardholder's account so that the participant will have use of the money during the time it takes to complete the review. Cardholder is responsible for any overdraws as a result of such credit or its subsequent reversal. If CWRU decides that there was no error, the cardholder will receive a written explanation within three business days after completion of the account review. The cardholder may request copies of documentation used in the review. 

Additional Terms: Student acknowledges that by depositing money with the student's university card office and by designating such money to be available for the university card program, student authorizes the university to provide Blackboard Inc. with specific information regarding the student, including cardholder name, home address, campus address, email address, etc., (collectively, the "Student Information") for the purpose of promoting the card program and providing the student with information and offerings of products and services. 

Change of Terms: The University may change any term or part of these policies by sending a written notice to the cardholder at least 30 days before change is to become effective. The use of the Debit Account of the CaseOneCard on or after the effective date of change means that the participant accepts and agrees to the change. The University may apply any such change to the outstanding balance of the CaseCash account on the effective date of the change of terms and to new charges after the date. 

Damaged or Lost Cards: Over time, cards can become damaged, unreadable or lost. Cards damaged due to normal wear and tear will be replaced for a small fee. Access Services can reserve the right to charge for replacement of a card damaged due to neglect, misuse or improper care.