Expedited Review

Case Western Reserve University values a diverse workforce and is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment through non-discriminatory open recruitment and hiring practices and affirmative action programs. Occasionally, in today's work environment, it is the case that a desirable faculty or staff candidate be hired using an expedited process.

Examples of these situations include:

  • a short term visiting faculty member (less than one year);
  • a research faculty member;
  • a recipient of a grant awarded specifically to them, contingent upon their being appointed to the faculty (e.g. NIH K Awards)
  • a partner of a desirable faculty or staff candidate or other valued employee who is also seeking employment; or
  • an intact faculty/research team already working with the desirable faculty member that needs to be hired in conjunction with the lead faculty member.

These hires may be approved via expedited review when such a hire furthers diversity and/or contributes to the strength of the university, meets an important need of the university, or is in the best interests of the university as identified by the appropriate dean and provost.

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