Black Faculty and Staff Resource Group


The Black Faculty and Staff Resource Group highlights the black culture and provides outreach to increase awareness of the Black community.


Create a welcoming and inclusive environment to connect Black faculty and staff with one another at CWRU, provide opportunities for them to build community through networking, professional development, and intergenerational mentoring circles as well as promote the inclusion and success of Black faculty and staff by combatting racial bias and discrimination.


Aspires to create and sustain a university-wide community of excellence that builds on the strengths to provide Black leadership and community. 


  • To serve as a resource group for Black people on CWRU’s campus.
  • To provide the CWRU campus community with a Black perspective for institutional and programmatic development to enhance inclusiveness.
  • To improve the condition of the Black community by supporting a significant increase in the enrollment of Black students and the recruitment of Black faculty and staff in higher ranking positions.
  • To ensure the representation of Black faculty, staff, and students within CWRU at all levels.
  • To advance the retention and upward mobility efforts of Black faculty and staff at all levels of the CWRU.
  • Advocate for CWRU’s commitment in providing fair and equitable educational and career opportunities for professional growth and upward mobility for members of the Black community who are below a 17-pay grade. 

Individuals interested in joining this group can contact OIDEO for more information.