FAIRFAX is a neighborhood and statistical planning area in Cleveland's East Side. It is located between Chester Ave. to the north, East 72nd Street to the west, 106th and Woodhill to the east, and roughly along Woodland Ave. to the south.

In 1872, the area that makes up Fairfax was annexed by the City of Cleveland from Cleveland Township. Like its neighbor, CENTRAL (NEIGHBORHOOD), many of Fairfax's resisdents were AFRICAN AMERICAN by 1940, and predominately African American by 1960. Despite white flight, the neighborhood's population rose to a peak of 39,380, in 1950, but fell in each subsequent year since then. In 2010, only 5,167 people were reported to live in Fairfax, 96.88 percent of which were African American.

Despite its declining population, Fairfax has seen some economic expansion along Euclid Avenue thanks in part to MIDTOWN CORRIDOR INC and is serviced by the GREATER CLEVELAND REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY healthline. Fairfax is home to many of Cleveland's most important cultural and economic institutions. These include the CLEVELAND CLINIC FOUNDATION , the state's second largest private employer in 2013, and KARAMU HOUSE .

Many of the city's most impressive SACRED ARCHITECTURE landmarks are located in Fairfax. These landmarks have been spiritual centers for many different faiths over the decades. These include Liberty Hill Baptist Church (See BAPTISTS) (formerly home of ANSHE CHESED), ST. JAMES AME, True Holiness Temple (formerly Second Church of Christ Scientist) (see CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS), ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH, a Kingdom Hall of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, a Mormon church (see MORMONS), and Masjid Bilal (see ISLAMIC RELIGION).

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