Veale Faculty Fellowship

As part of our mission to knit together the entrepreneurship ecosystem at CWRU, the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship is opening applications for our 2023-2024 Veale Faculty Fellows. Innovative Faculty are key stakeholders in our entrepreneurship ecosystem. They're developing technology that could be used to address a market need and are influencing future Innovators in their classrooms and labs.

In the Veale Faculty Fellows program, you will

  • Use your research as a case study
  • Leverages a small seed fund to grow your ideas
  • Collaborate with student teams for market mapping
  • See your research featured in video marketing
  • Develop a personalized plan for your next steps


Applications are currently closed. Read on for more detail on the fellowship.


Veale Faculty Fellows Program Overview

  • A 1-year, pilot program designed to help faculty explore entrepreneurship using their research as an interactive, hands-on case study
  • A small cohort of 4-8 Faculty Fellows and 1 Faculty Mentor selected through a competitive application process 
  • A series of hands-on workshops, with guest speakers, that focus on the entrepreneurial journey, industry vocabulary, creating a value proposition, and networking
  • A connection to dedicated student teams, marketing tools and a small seed fund to help Fellows map their target market or further develop their prototype
  • A personalized plan for the next steps to take, including funding sources.

Program Value

We don’t require our Faculty Fellows to be or become entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help prepare you for that journey if you opt to take that path to commercialize your research. By the end of the program, we expect our Fellows to be comfortable with the vocabulary and processes commonly used in the startup ecosystem, including funding. We encourage our Faculty Fellows to be advocates across campus for curious students and faculty interested in exploring entrepreneurship.

Other examples of success include:


Meet the 2022 Veale Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows

Our inaugural Veale Faculty Fellowship program launched in 2022-23 for CAS and CSE Faculty, and included Dr. Kati Daltorio, Dr. Brian Gran and Dr. Bill Yu. Dr. Umut Gurkan joined the Fellows as a Mentor. The program was the result of a collaboration between Dr. Glenn Starkman, Al Green, CEO AMG Consulting and Veale Institute Entrepreneur in Residence and the Veale Institute.

Brian Gran
Brian Gran

Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences

Gran's project will develop a smartphone application prototype to counter misinformation about health care and science for Black Americans. It aims to identify, understand, and develop resources to combat misinformation that is likely to exacerbate existing health disparities among Black Americans.

Watch Brian's Speaker Series Event

Kathryn Daltorio
Kathryn Daltorio

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Case School of Engineering

Daltorio will explore translation and commercialization potential of amphibious robots that can traverse difficult natural terrain. She will continue to develop the existing amphibious robot prototypes that are crab-like that can categorize terrain by walking across it and some versions can climb onto and grasp objects.

Watch Kathryn's Video

Xiong (Bill) Yu
Xiong (Bill) Yu

Professor and Chair, Department of Civil Engineering, Case School of Engineering

Yu will advance translation of a thermochromic building envelope that reduces energy consumption and improves sustainability. The thermochromic building envelope reduces the thermal loads to the building by making the building cooler under hot weather and warmer under cold weather. Therefore reduces the building energy needs for HVAC. 

For more information contact:

Mindy Baierl, Senior Director
Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship at CWRU