Changyong (Chase) Cao, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Case School of Engineering

Research Information

Research Interests

  • Soft (active) Materials, Smart materials & structures, Metamaterials, Bioinspired materials, Multifunctional composites, Programmable materials
  • Soft robotics, Sensors & actuators, Biomedical devices, 3D & 4D printing of multifunctional materials and machines
  • Printed/Flexible/Stretchable/Wearable/Bio-integrated electronics, Internet of Things (IoTs), Energy harvesting & storage devices (supercapacitors, batteries, triboelectric nanogenerators, and wave energy converters), Smart/Precision Agriculture
  • Solid mechanics, Biomechanics, Computational mechanics, Multiscale and multiphysics modeling of advanced multifunctional materials, Fluid-structure-interaction (FSI)


1. Yaokun Pang, Xianchen Xu, Shoue Chen, Yuhui Fang, Yiming Deng, Zhong-Lin Wang, Changyong Cao*. Skin-Inspired Textile-Based Tactile Sensors Enable Multifunctional Sensing of Wearables and Soft Robots. Nano Energy, in press, 2022.

2. Bin Tian, Yuhui Fang, Jing Liang, Ke Zheng, Panwang Guo, Xinyu Zhang, Youfusheng Wu, Yuping Zeng, Changyong Cao*, Wei Wu*. Fully printed multifunctional and stretchable E-textile via silver nano-dendrite inks for aesthetic wearable electronic systems. Small, in press, 2022.

3. Xin Li, Mehdi Baghaee, Changyong Cao, Wenkai Yu, Dunyu Chen, Ju Liu, Hongyan Yuan*, Geometrically Exact Finite Element Formulations for Modelling Tendon-driven Continuum Robots. Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, in press, 2022.

4. Xianchen Xu, Qian Wu, Yaokun Pang, Yunteng Cao, Yuhui Fang, Guoliang Huang*, Changyong Cao*. Multifunctional Metamaterials for Energy Harvesting and Vibration Control. Advanced Functional Materials, 2107896, 2021.

5. Ling Li, Jianyu Zhang, Xiaohui Wang, Le Huang, Jun Zhang, Carl Redshaw, Xing Feng*, Changyong Cao*, Nengjie Huo, Jingbo Li, Ben Zhong Tang*. Stimuli-responsive Materials from Ferrocene-based Organic Small Molecule for Wearable Sensors. Small, 2103125, 2021.


Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Australian National University
Master of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
National University of Singapore
Master of Engineering
Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Dalian University of Technology, China
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Chang’an University, China