Types of Financial Assistance for Undergraduates


Scholarships, usually awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admission, are based on academic achievement, involvement in school, community activities and evidence of leadership. In addition to general academic scholarships, Case Western Reserve offers a variety of awards based on specific academic interests, such as nursing, theater and engineering.

All students, including U.S. military service members and their dependents, are automatically considered for most available scholarships when they apply to CWRU. Visit the Undergraduate Admission scholarship competitions page for the few cases where you must submit additional materials for consideration. Continuing students who are interested in applying for scholarships can check out the outside scholarship database.

Need-Based Aid

The Office of University Financial Aid will assess your eligibility for need-based aid, based in part on the information you provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Eligibility for need-based institutional aid from Case Western Reserve is determined, in part, by information you provide on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as the CSS Profile.

Need-based financial aid takes the form of grants, Federal Work-Study awards and loans. All applicants, including U.S. military service members and their dependents, who submit the required financial aid applications will be considered for all the funding for which they qualify.


Grants are gifts based on a student's financial need that do not have to be repaid. CWRU grant aid comes from the university. Other grant sources include the federal and state governments and private sources.

Some states provide educational grants to residents with financial need. The FAFSA is generally the application form for determination of state grant eligibility. States may have deadlines for receipt of the FAFSA for awarding of state grants. State deadline information can be found at https://studentaid.gov/apply-for-aid/fafsa/fafsa-deadlines The states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont provide educational grants to eligible students that may be used for study at Case Western Reserve University.

Federal Work-Study Program

Federal Work-Study is a type of student employment intended primarily for students with the highest financial need. This type of employment allows students to contribute to the cost of their education by working on campus and, in some cases, at neighboring institutions. While there is no guarantee a student will obtain a job or earn the full amount awarded, CWRU's employment program helps place students into substantive positions as research assistants, tour guides, library aids, tutors and more. Rates of pay begin at $9.20 per hour.

Campus Employment Program

The Campus Employment Program allows a student to work on campus. Unlike work-study, the entirety of the student's wages are paid by the university department employing the student, and any wages earned are considered income for the purposes of financial aid need assessment in subsequent years.


Loans must be repaid. They may be government-sponsored low-interest loans, regular bank loans at a reduced interest rate or university loans. On some loans, interest may not start to accrue until after graduation. On others, interest accrues immediately. Loans may be based on demonstrated financial need. Learn more about how loans work.