Study Abroad

Students who are recipients of need-based or merit-based aid and who plan to use this assistance for study abroad should provide official cost information for the chosen program of study to the Office of University Financial Aid. A Study Abroad Cost Sheet must be accompanied by some official documentation of the charges listed. Photocopies of the relevant pages from the foreign institution's bulletin are acceptable. Download the cost sheet from the forms library.

Students who are applying for need-based funds must submit the regular applications for financial aid along with the cost information. Log in to My Financial Aid or contact the Office of University Financial Aid if you have any questions about required forms.

University grants and scholarships are credited to your CWRU tuition account at the beginning of our regular semesters: late-August and mid-January. You must notify the Office of University Financial Aid if this schedule will not meet the requirements of your program.

Outside assistance is credited to the student's account upon receipt of the funds from the external source. Any excess funds are mailed to the student at his or her permanent home address or directly deposited. Student loan proceeds are generally disbursed at the same time, provided that the promissory note(s) have been signed and returned. Student employment is not available for study abroad.

Effective August 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration, has updated its guidance for the acceptable use of student veteran benefits for study abroad. These benefits may be used for costs associated with faculty-led study abroad programs where the home institution teaches all the courses and bills the student for the tuition assessed or if the student directly enrolls with a host institution that is an eligible institution in the VA system and receives the VA funding directly. Exchange programs and enrollment through program providers are not deemed eligible for use of VA educational benefits.

Nancy Issa serves as the financial aid contact person for this program and may be reached via email at