Study Abroad Ambassadors

A collage of photos of the Study Abroad Ambassadors on their study abroad programs

Study Abroad Ambassadors are Case Western Reserve University students who have returned from a study abroad program and are chosen by the Office of Education Abroad to share their experience on campus through peer advising, classroom presentations and more!

Learn about each of the Study Abroad Ambassadors below!

Study Abroad Program: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, Spring 2020

Majors: English and Sociology, Film minor


"I believe that studying abroad fuels a self-assuredness in students that few other experiences can provide. When you travel alone, to an unfamiliar territory, you are able to learn what you are truly made of. I moved thousands of miles away, to a country that I had never been to, which spoke a language that I wasn't fluent in. If I could learn to thrive there, I can learn to thrive anywhere! As a study abroad ambassador, I hope that I can help others discover the confidence to tackle all of the world's travel adventures––academic or otherwise!"

Hannah Allen stands outside a building during her study abroad

Study Abroad Program: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, Spring 2020

Major: Chemical Engineering


"I had a wonderful time studying abroad in Denmark and I want everyone to have the opportunity to expand their learning by moving across the globe. I learned so much about engineering, different cultures, and a great deal about my own country and its place in the world. Truly eye-opening."

Katie Brown stands outside overlooking a city during her study abroad

Study Abroad Program: CES Maastricht - Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands, Spring 2020

Major: Biology, French, Pre-Med


"Studying abroad is one of the best decisions you can possibly make. I can't help but agree with those who call it 'life-changing' because you learn so much about yourself as well as other cultures and perspectives. There are so many more things you can gain from studying abroad, some of which transcends words. Therefore, I would love to help students realize their opportunities to study abroad so that they can experience it for themselves."

Jeremy Nguyen stands next to a river during his study abroad

Study Abroad Program: University of Manchester, England, Spring 2020

Major: Chemical Engineering


"My time abroad was short, but the impact it had on me is something I’ll never forget. I’m excited to work with students to help them take advantage of the benefits of studying abroad and ultimately gain as much as they can from their experience like I did!"

Richard Wang stands outside in a grassy area with water behind him

Study Abroad Programs: ENGR 200 Statics & Strength of Materials, China, May 2018; King's College London, United Kingdom, Fall 2019; BIOL 309 Biology Field Studies, Namibia, Spring Break 2020

Major: Systems & Control Engineering


"Studying abroad has been one of the best experiences I've had as a CWRU student. Travel has always been important to me and I have grown so much through my experiences on study abroad. My friends will tell you that I love to talk about or show pictures of my amazing times abroad. Through study abroad, I've met so many awesome people, traveled to new countries, had lots of fun, and learned a ton along the way about myself and about other cultures. I know it may seem difficult to fit a study abroad into the busy four years here, especially as an engineering or pre-health student, but it is possible! I want to help students realize that they can go abroad, even if it isn't common for students in their academic program. I am really excited to share my passion for travel and for study abroad!"

Diana Zavela sitting outside on a short wall near a body of water while studying abroad

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