Study Abroad Students' Stories

Studying abroad provides a life-changing opportunity for CWRU students, impacting them personally, professionally and of course, academically. When students return home from their program, they are often eager to share their experiences with their peers. Here is a collection of study abroad students' stories and perspectives. 

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Study Abroad Blogs/Videos 

Some of our students share their study abroad experience as its happening by writing blogs detailing what it's like navigating a new country and culture, others speak about and record their stories later. A compilation can be found below. 



  • I'Maya Gibbs - London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art presents her "Play in a Day" Project
  • Tobili Hatcher - Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea
  • Geneva Magsino - Dakar, Senegal
  • Alayna Klco - Ecuador 
    • Includes interviews with Rob Stall, Executive Director of International Operations at the Cleveland Clinic and David Fleshler, Vice Provost for International Affairs at CWRU

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Global Perspectives

Our Global Perspectives feature interviews with CWRU students who have returned from studying abroad and answer questions about how they chose their program, what it was like to live and learn in another country and how the experience has changed their worldview.

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