While Abroad

Joshua Hsia sits on a hill with mountains behind him in New Zealand

While abroad students will need to maintain their awareness of academic differences (grade and credit conversions, teaching styles and expectations, etc.), their health and safety (insurance information, how to contact CWRU, etc.), and the culture and logistics (money and banking, communication, converters and adaptors, etc.) of their host country.

Academics Abroad

Academics abroad can be quite different than academics in the United States and at CWRU. Students will find differences in courses, exams and grading at nearly every partner institution abroad. Along with culture shock, students may encounter some academic struggles--and that's okay! We can help.

Health & Safety

Students' health and safety is of the utmost importance to the Office of Education Abroad and CWRU. Students should also make their health and safety while abroad a priority as well. Learn more about ways to keep safe and supported, how the CWRU emergency travel insurance works, what to do in case of an emergency and more.

Culture & Logistics

Cultures vary by country (and even within a country) and students will encounter culture shock--even if traveling to a country whose culture is similar to the one they call home! Logistics are also different abroad than they are at CWRU--think currency, banking, and power adapters. Learn how to navigate culture shock and all about logistical resources.