Freedman Center Policies

  • Use of the Freedman Center is limited to CWRU ID card holders as well as public patrons. Public Patrons will be asked to complete the "Public Patron Use Form" at the KSL Services Desk in order to use stations and equipment within the Center.

  • Patrons will refrain from unplugging, moving, or otherwise altering Freedman Center equipment.

  • Patrons will refrain from attaching personal devices to Freedman Center equipment with the exception of headphones and portable storage devices (i.e. flash drives, portable hard drives, etc.).

  • Patrons requiring the use of Freedman Center software and/or hardware have priority access to Freedman Center workstations, and can easily indicate their priority by reserving a station online (more information soon). People seated at workstations who are not using Freedman Center software or hardware will be asked to make the station available for patrons requiring the use of Freedman Center resources.

  • Patrons requiring a computer for web access and/or the Microsoft Office suite will be referred to the library’s general computing stations on the first and second floor.

  • Files left on Freedman Center workstations will be deleted weekly.