Laced with Love

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Join Kelvin Smith Library, Flora Stone Mather, and Arianna Papai, painting student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, for a blackout poetry crafting event on Friday, April 26 from 12:45 - 2 pm near Cramelot Cafe on the first floor of KSL. 

April is National Poetry Month, and we invite you to tell your story (any story!) by creating your own blackout poetry. Additional craft supplies such as markers, colored pencils, collage, and button-making will also be available. 

Blackout poetry is a unique style of poetry where the poet takes an already written material, like a book page, and blacks out everything except for select words. The remaining words on the page create a poem or story, sometimes with an entirely different meaning.

Arianna is a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, majoring in painting and participating in the Creativity Works Program, funded by the Fenn Educational Fund and G.R. Lincoln Family Foundation. Arianna will be facilitating the event and creating custom giveaways for a raffle, which you can enter during the event. Arianna will be exhibiting a collection of paintings titled "Laced with Love," that focuses on the experiences of being a femme-presenting person, in the Kelvin Smith Library Art Gallery on May 9th.

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