HoloU partners with KSL

HoloUniversity (HoloU) is a collaboration between UTech, the Interactive Commons (IC), and the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL). Collectively, we work together to bring mixed reality into everyday curriculum. The IC designs and develops custom apps, UTech Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) works with faculty to reimagine their teaching with mixed reality and supports the class sessions and student demos, and the KSL Freedman Center is where the courses and demos are conducted.

Students from all levels, studying many disciplines, enter the Collaboration Commons to engage with anatomy, art history, creative thinking, data visualization, astronomy, and much more through the use of mixed-reality holographic learning. Other students in the library become curious about what they're seeing, which brings them in for our weekly HoloUniversity demos.

UTech guided over 30 HoloUniversity sessions at KSL in Fall 2022, reaching over 250 students and guests. Through the end of March 2023, there have been 25 sessions, with many more anticipated through the end of the semester.

The KSL Freedman Center offers a flexible space where HoloU can expand mixed reality learning across campus in a central, familiar environment. Additionally, it gives curious students and the CWRU community members a chance to learn more about mixed reality and experience it for themselves. UTech and all the HoloU stakeholders have enjoyed the ability to share this unique offering with the CWRU community, and our partnership with the Kelvin Smith Library has been integral in its success.