Peer Review Week

peer review week

Join Kelvin Smith Library in celebrating all CWRU peer reviewers during the Peer Review Week!

Peer Review Week is a yearly global event celebrating the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality.

Scholarly peer review is the evaluation of scholarly works by experts in the same field to determine its suitability for publication. The scholarly communications system depends on good peer review to ensure the quality and integrity of publications and provide credibility. Despite criticisms, peer review is widely accepted as the method for research validation. Publishers rely on the peer review process to build and uphold the quality of their publications. Peer review depends on scholars’ participation in the process and their ability to exercise unbiased, quality assessment of scholarly research.

As a new author, learning about what to expect from the peer review process alleviates the stress of first time manuscript submission. As an invited reviewer, it is important to know how to critically evaluate research quality and to provide valuable, constructive criticism.

Curious about the peer review process? Read the guide for early career researchers Peer Review: the nuts and bolts or read this peer review survival guide.