Store and Promote Your Scholarship

Kelvin Smith Library offers support for storing and promoting CWRU affiliated scholarship. Since scholarly output can vary across academic disciplines, the following list highlights features of each platform we support. For individual guidance on how to choose the best platform for your work, please contact

Open Science Framework: CWRU's data storage and project collaboration platform

OSF is an open source tool created and maintained by the Center for Open Science that allows for storing, sharing, and version control of all data types, documents, and files. Researchers at CWRU can create their own project pages to upload data, invite collaborators, and manage research workflows. With OSF, users can easily share data between platforms like Google Drive, Box, Github, and more. OSF also allows researchers to issue Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for their project as a whole or for individual files that make citing and providing access to datasets possible. Datasets or files assigned a DOI on OSF can be easily referenced and cited in corresponding Digital Case objects.

For a detailed guide on using OSF, please visit Any questions can be directed to

Open Access at CWRU

This Fall 2022, KSL will launch new scholarly output repository and an Open Access Implementation Pilot Program in collaboration with CWRU Faculty.  The CWRU Open Access Policy Proposal guide has more information about the policy proposal and the ongoing efforts to preserve and promote CWRU's scholarly output. 

Subject Specific Data Repositories

These data repositories are for researchers at CWRU who don’t want to manage their own datasets, but do want that data to be openly available for sharing. CWRU has no official involvement with any of these data repositories, but the University Technology department maintains a list of various repositories applicable to the research happening on campus.