Dual Degree Programs

Dual-degrees applicants must apply independently to each program for admission. Students should review the application deadlines for each program.

Required Materials for a Completed Application:

  • Official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate courses
  • CV/Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Results of one of the following standardized tests: GRE, MAT, MCAT, LSAT, DACT, or GMAT. (Optional for Fall 2020)
  • Three letters of recommendation including one former professor

For students applying to the dual degree programs, they can request their previously submitted letters of recommendation (outside of Graduate Studies) to be sent directly to the Department of Bioethics. This includes the following dual degree programs: MD/MA, JD/MA, MSSA/MA, MA/MSN. Letters of recommendation can be sent to Graduate Program Coordinator, Marie Norris, MNO man12@case.edu

Application Timeline

Fall 2020 Deadline
Priority #1 and IGS March 1, 2020
Priority #2 April 15, 2020
Deadline for assistantship consideration June 1, 2020
Final August 1, 2020

Spring 2021: December 15, 2020

Summer 2021: May 1, 2020

Applications for admission and financial aid will be considered on a rolling basis.

For more information for International applicants click here.

If you have any questions regarding the application process contact bioethics@case.edu.