The Master in Bioethics and Medical Humanities is a 30 credit hour program. Students completing the Traditional Program, Core Courses make up 16.5 credit hours and 13.5 will be Elective credits. This program has the flexibility to be full-time for one academic year or part-time for up to three academic years. 

Make a study plan that works just for you

While our program provides several frameworks for concentrations, you are free to create your own. Our Medicine, Society, and Culture ConcentrationResearch Ethics Concentration, and Health Policy Concentration allow students to deep dive in those areas, but we also encourage you to explore the issues most relevant to your specific interests. We invite you to take advantage of all the opportunities available through CWRU. For instance, our students have taken electives in med school, law school, and business school as part of shaping their specific educational goals. Additionally, students may consider a dual-degree program. 

Full-time students can complete our program in 9-months. Additionally, we offer a flexible part-time option which can be completed in up to 3 years.