Research Ethics Concentration

Student in lab coat performing lab tasks.


The Research Ethics Concentration within the MA in Bioethics and Medical Humanities is designed to prepare students to pursue research ethics-related work or empirical investigations. 

Scientific advances depend upon the design and implementation of empirical biomedical and behavioral research. Ethical issues in research evolve as challenges emerge in the development of new technologies and advances in clinical, translational, and health prevention studies. 

The Research Ethics Concentration provides graduates with the knowledge of complex issues and challenges associated with studies. Including, research regulations and oversight, applications of the process of informed consent in diverse research settings, and professional misconduct in the context of research. Graduates have the opportunity to be part of a new generation of leaders who will bring a broader perspective to critical analysis of important questions surrounding the implementation of scientific research.

The two semester, 30-credit program combines foundational coursework with research focused electives geared towards the interest of each student.

This concentration also includes a Research Ethics Practicum. The practicum experience provides students the opportunity to be embedded within a research group either at CWRU or area institutions.  Practicum experience may include: 

  • Working alongside administrators in the university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) office, to review proposed human subject research protocols
  • Recommending revisions to informed consent templates for a hospital’s IRB
  • Collaborating with a faculty member to write an original paper for publication regarding a research policy issue.

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