MD/MA Dual-Degree Program

This program combines the Master of Arts in Bioethics and Medical Humanities with the M.D. degree, in cooperation with the School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.  This four-year or five-year program provides physicians with advanced knowledge and experience in bioethics and medical humanities. Students work with their advisor to lay out their MA schedule over their time in medical school.

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Application Requirements

Students must apply and be accepted to each degree program to qualify. New students can apply to both programs simultaneously; current medical students may apply before the start of the fall semester (August) during the first year. 

To apply to the MA in Bioethics and Medical Humanities program, check out the Application Requirements.

To learn more about the application to the School of Medicine or the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine program, explore the admission information

Course Requirements

Course Credits

Introduction to Clinical Medicine (IBIS 451) in years 1 and 2

Students must register for this when registering as the same course (Foundations of Clinical Medicine) cannot show up on two different transcripts.

3 (non-graded)
Foundations in Bioethics I and II Courses (BETH 401 and BETH 402) 12
Clinical Ethics Rotation (BETH 405) Taken over 2 Semesters 3

Electives in Bioethics and Medical Humanities 

Students in the University or College Medical Programs who pursue a Bioethics and Medical Humanities Project as part of their RESC 5000M “Research and Scholarship” experience will complete 6 credits in BETH 603 for a maximum of 6 credits (not graded).

Mini elective in Bioethics and Medical Humanities 1.5
Capstone in Bioethics and Medical Humanities (BETH 402C) 1.5