Undergraduate Bioethics Society

Are you interested in helping to revive the Undergraduate Bioethics Society? Or expanding it into an Undergraduate Bioethics and Medical Humanities Society?


If so, please email Dr. Erin Lamb at erin.lamb@case.edu who will help facilitate an initial meeting for interested students.

Bioethics and medical humanities are vibrant, interdisciplinary fields engaging in the most important and cutting-edge ethical issues concerning biomedical research, the delivery of health care, and the larger social, cultural, and institutional forces that shape our group and individual experiences of health and illness. Exposure to the fields of bioethics and medical humanities at the undergraduate level provides excellent pre-professional preparation for students aspiring to a career in health care, biomedical research, law, social work, philosophy, or other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

The Undergraduate Bioethics Society at CWRU is a student-run organization, welcoming students from all academic disciplines, that was started in order to foster bioethics education outside the classroom. Past society activities have included bioethics debate, undergraduate publishing, conference planning, career and internship planning, and social events.

If you are interested in reviving the organization and shaping its agenda moving forward, this is the time to act! Please contact Dr. Erin Lamb (erin.lamb@case.edu) with your interest and/or your questions.