Top Trainee Teaching Recognition

In the Center for Medical Education at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, we have two main ways of recognizing residents and fellows who contribute significantly to the learning environment through their teaching, mentoring, and other contributions to our education mission. These options make up what’s known as the Top Trainee Teaching Recognition program. 

Option 1: Trainee Top Teacher (Tri-T) Dean’s List

The first mechanism is to be named to the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Trainee Top Teacher (Tri-T) Dean’s List. This annual process occurs in the spring of each academic year, akin to a “Dean’s List” recognition. Trainees can be nominated by students, staff, or faculty based on their significant contributions to medical education. The list of honorees is promoted at the annual education retreat and broadly across the academic medical community. 

Option 2: Academy of Scholar Educators Fellowship

Trainees who have specifically dedicated part of their training to medical education, including those in designated medical education pathways (clinical educator residency tracks), can be nominated for fellowship member status within the university’s Academy of Scholar Educators program. This designation is for individuals who have gone above and beyond excellent teaching, including medical education scholarship, curriculum development, administrative and leadership roles.

Residents who are in the Leadership in Medical Education – Collaborative (LME-C) are automatically given fellowship status and are invited to academy events. Others (outside of the medical education residency tracks) can be nominated once yearly for consideration. 

All trainees selected for fellowship member status in the Academy of Scholar Educators will remain fellows for the duration of their training. Nominations are accepted in February each year. We encourage program directors and other core faculty to consider their exceptional resident teachers for this recognition.