Helpful Tips for Faculty and Students

The Pharmacology Administrative Team is pleased to offer some helpful tips to facilitate the seamless execution of our various activities and developments. Please review the information presented below for detailed instructions on ordering (food/other), event planning, and tips for submitting grants. This page serves as a primary resource for inquiries related to these processes and will provide additional helpful information in the future.

Food Orders

  • DCard can be used for orders under $500
  • Please give 7-10 days notice for DCard food orders

All Other Orders 

  • Need a Purchase Order (PO)
  • POs need 2 weeks lead time

Public Thesis Defense Tips

  • Please have the Public Thesis Defense Booklet PDF file completed a week before the defense date at latest (the booklet template will be provided after the student's Private Thesis Defense)
  • For Public Thesis Defense food arrangements, see Food Order requirements in the Ordering section above


Happy Hour Requirements

  • Monthly Sponsor is responsible for choosing food options (remember vegetarian options)
  • Department will pay up to $250, you can choose to go over and pick up additional costs
  • Orders can be placed through Sherrie, if you use food ordering guidelines in the Ordering section above
  • Event Procedure/Responsibilities for Sponsoring Lab
    • Arranging W331 (tables, chairs, food pickup/placement) in Happy Hour configuration
    • Cleaning up (food disposal, wiping down tables, recycling, etc.)
    • Reverting to original classroom configuration at the end



Named Lecture

  • Before confirming with speaker...
    • Always have Sherrie check for room availability
    • Let Sherrie know if there will be an honorarium provided

Weekly Lecture

  • Sherrie will create the itinerary, contact speakers, and schedule meetings
  • Host needs to provide speaker names & associated institution
  • If potential speakers are not responding, host needs to provide additional options


  • Always sign up on the grant submission worksheet as soon as possible
  • Info from the sign up sheet needs to be complete 2 weeks before submission
  • Give Emily the budget 2 weeks before submission, even if it might change
  • All files need to be with Emily 5 days before the grant is due
  • Emily must have grant submitted to the SOM Pre-Award Services and Agreements Office 3 days before the due date
    • No wiggle room can be provided on this
    • If something extraordinary happens, there is an appeal process
    • Principal Investigator is the ONLY person that can appeal, Admin can NOT appeal for you