Zhang lab

Lab members

Research Associate

Franklin Mayca Pozo, Ph.D. 


Postdoctoral Scholar

Fangfang Wang, PhD. 


Graduate Student

Xinran Geng: xxg204@case.edu

The major focus of my laboratory is to understand cancer cell biology and to develop innovative anticancer therapies. I have long been interested in understanding a fundamental biology question, that is ‘how our cells protect the integrity of the DNA?’ This is critical because failure to do so will cause genome instability and eventually leads to the early onset of degenerative human disorders such as premature aging and cancer. Our goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms that maintain the genome stability in human cells by identifying the genes and the signaling pathways involved. In the long, we hope to translate this knowledge into potential anticancer treatment strategies.

PI:  YouWei Zhang, Ph.D. 


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