Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Department of Pharmacology provides an excellent research learning environment for undergraduates. The research topics in the department range from cancer and cell biology to protein structure studies. 

By joining one of the laboratories in our department students can fulfill their research credit in their junior year. However, we encourage highly motivated students to start volunteering in research labs much earlier to maximize their hands-on training opportunities. This research volunteering can occur either during regular or summer semesters.

The Department of Pharmacology laboratories also offer placements for the Capstone Projects in which undergraduate students pursue independent research with the guidance of a faculty mentor. In addition to the graduation requirement, the Capstone thesis deciphering results from the student research experience is a vehicle through which students can demonstrate their analytical and writing skills to either prospective employers or graduate and professional schools. 

For more information regarding the undergraduate research opportunities in the Department of Pharmacology please contact Marcin Golczak or the principal investigator in a lab of interest.