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One to One Fitness Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your strength, energy, endurance or flexibility, up your coordination, train for an athletic event, look great for wedding or reunion, or just stay in shape, working with a One to One Fitness trainer will help you realize your desired results. 

Virtual Personal Training

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Our personal trainers are still able to work with you, even if you are not ready to return to the facility yet! It has never been more important to stay active, healthy and well.  Whether you are new to exercise and looking for guidance for safe and effective workouts, or a regular exerciser looking to tweak your workouts at home to continue to set and achieve new goals, our trainers can help!

They will design a personalized workout plan just for you based on your goals and the equipment (or household items) available to you. They will connect with you via your method of choice (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) for personalized attention and encouragement. 

Pricing for Personal Training is listed below.

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First Four Sessions on us to “Jumpstart” Your Success!

New One to One Fitness members* receive a free health-risk assessment and four (4) free personal training sessions as part of our “Jumpstart” Program!  We assess your health risk and fitness using our Visual Fitness Planner. You will learn about your current fitness level as well as your risk for certain diseases (including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer) and how to reduce that risk. You and your personal trainer will use the assessment to identify fitness goals and develop a personalized program to achieve them. One-on-one training sessions help you get the most of your workouts. Interested? Learn more about personal training and meet our training staff

*Jumpstart program is available to first-time members of One to One Fitness. Excluded are those signed up through the Graduate and Professional Student Wellness Initiative, returning members and those who have already participated in personal training.


Purchase Your Package Online! 

Members can purchase services online via MYiCLUB. Register for MYiCLUB via the link above, or follow these instructions. Click on "shop" to make your purchase. This service is only available for members. 



(Price per session)



1 session



5 sessions


($33.95 ea.)


($43.65 ea.)

10 sessions


($32.55 ea.)


($41.85 ea.)

20 sessions


($29.75 ea.)


($38.25 ea.)

35 sessions


($28 ea.)


($36 ea.)

52 sessions


($26.25 ea.)


($33.75 ea.)



(Price per session)



1 session



5 sessions


($48.50 ea.)


($63.05 ea.)

10 sessions


($46.50 ea.)


($60.45 ea.)

20 sessions


($42.50 ea.)


($55.25 ea.)

35 sessions


($40 ea.)


($52 ea.)

52 sessions


($37.50 ea.)


($48.75 ea.)

Partner & Semi Private Training

Save 25% off regular personal training!

Partner & semi private training is an excellent way to be motivated and make working out fun with your friends or family!  Not to mention that you save 25% off the regular personal training rates!

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Looking for a more private personal training experience?

Next Level Fitness Studio provides a private one-on-one personal training experience in an upscale studio setting with brand new equipment and technology. Learn more about our private personal training here