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Deciding what to major in as an undergrad? Considering earning a graduate degree to advance your career? At Case Western Reserve University, the academic degrees we offer are as unique as the students who pursue them. Explore our hundreds of top-ranked undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs to determine the next step in your academic journey.

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Become a skilled, compassionate anesthesiologist assistant in our program, where you'll gain 600+ hours of clinical practice in your first year alone.

Applied Anatomy

Seeking a career in health care or education? Our rigorous curriculum integrates a traditional study of anatomy with cell biology, biochemistry and more.


Discover how biology and chemistry intersect as you become a highly trained scientist who can have a major impact on solving public health issues.

Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Study and debate important, cutting-edge ethical issues, such as how to conduct biomedical research and the delivery of health care. You'll learn how to navigate an increasingly complex biomedical environment by studying literature, history and philosophy.

Biomedical and Health Informatics

Become equipped to provide higher quality patient care through better management and availability of information.

Biomedical Engineering

Gain knowledge or advance your career in biomedical engineering. Combine medicine and engineering to bring innovative technologies, devices, and therapies to market that save and enhance lives worldwide.

Cancer Biology

The Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program is specifically designed for physicians interested in academic research careers to translate cancer research into care.

Cell Biology

Become a research leader in the field as you receive comprehensive training in cell biology research, scientific excellence, ethics and communication.

Clinical Research

Pursue a career in clinical investigation—our rigorous and didactic programs will prepare you for a range of vital roles in the health care industry.

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Learn to collect and interpret health-related data to improve major public health problems using skills from the fields of biostatistics and epidemiology.

Genetic Counseling

Looking to expand your education in genetic counseling? We will prepare you to work with, empower, and support patients through their counselling sessions.

Genetics and Genome Sciences

Enhance your understanding of the role genetics plays in biology and medicine as you prepare for a career in the field.

Global Health

Focus on global health in addition to your major area of study. This certificate is offered across schools and programs to highlight your commitment to global health.


Get ready to enhance human health and be at the forefront of medical education, while advancing discoveries from laboratories to patients. 

Medical Physiology

Our program—which can be completed in as little as a year—is designed for those seeking to expand and strengthen their academic credentials and research knowledge in physiological sciences.

Medical Scientist Training Program

Pursue graduate research in medicine and related biosciences while caring for patients through our eight-year dual-degree program—the first MD/PhD program in the U.S.


As one of the top-25 medical schools in the United States, our programs provide a unique curriculum designed to develop the next generation of health care leaders and innovators.

Molecular Biology and Microbiology

Further your study of microorganisms and biological activities at the molecular level to better understand infectious disease.

Molecular Medicine

In this collaborative program, you’ll take part in advanced graduate courses, seminars, and sample areas of research during laboratory rotations.

Molecular Virology

Deepen your understanding of virus biology and cellular function to transform the treatment of viral infections and diseases.


Attain higher education in modern neuroscience through our comprehensive curriculum and highly interactive academic environment.


From dietetics to public health, our nutrition curriculum encompasses a variety of topics—including metabolism and metabolomics—to prepare you for the career path you choose.


Build essential skills for advancing medicine and devising treatments for diseases.


Discover new therapies for drug and medication action. We generate field-leading molecular pharmacologists through our interdisciplinary and collaborative program.

Physician Assistant Studies

Become a critical part of a health care team through our 27-month master’s program, where you'll learn evidence-based, patient-centered care and accountability.

Physiology and Biophysics

Have a background in biochemistry, physics, biology or chemistry? Pursue a doctoral degree in physiology and biophysics where you’ll sharpen your understanding of the mechanisms that control normal function of biological processes.

Public Health

Help support healthy people and thriving communities while gaining an understanding of the history, policy and science of health. You'll benefit from departmental and institutional collaborations like the Center for Global Health and Diseases.

Public Health Nutrition

Master your understanding of the influences environment, socioeconomics, politics, and culture have on diet, nutrition, and health. This 16-month program will prepare you to address evolving health care needs of diverse populations.

Regenerative Medicine and Entrepreneurship

Learn to solve modern regenerative medicine, commercial, and compliance problems in the context of both an individual company and the greater marketplace.

Sports Nutrition

Study everything from exercise physiology to energy dysregulation in order to earn a specialty in sports nutrition.

Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Hone your skills in generating and analyzing experimental data for biomedical research and developing models of the molecular components that drive our biological systems.