News for a Better CWRU

For a Better CWRU Task Force offers updates; will transition to advisory group this fall

May 5, 2022
As the spring semester comes to a close, the For a Better CWRU Task Force encourages members of the campus community to visit the For a Better CWRU webpage to learn more about progress made since the fall.

For a Better CWRU task force proposals make significant strides

October 1, 2021
Since the end of the last academic year, a number of the items raised in the For a Better CWRU task force proposals have made significant strides! The updates below represent notable progress on various projects found within the task force proposals.

For a Better CWRU Update

March 04, 2021
We write today to update the campus community regarding the progress of the For a Better CWRU student-led task force, as well as the next steps of this university-wide process.

Provide Your Feedback on "For a Better CWRU" Plans

February 02, 2021
We encourage all faculty, staff and students to read each committee’s action plan and provide feedback via the Google form listed directly after each designated proposal. The deadline for feedback is Tuesday, Feb. 9.

For a Better CWRU: Draft Action Plans Available for Input

December 2, 2020
After much work by our committee co-chairs and the 192 individuals who responded to our call for help, we are pleased to announce that draft action plans are now available for review and input on the For a Better CWRU website.

"For A Better CWRU" Update

November 1, 2020
It's been just over six weeks since we announced the formation of "For a Better CWRU: A Student-Led Task Force." During that time, the co-chairs of our seven committees have been working to gather input from the 192 individuals...

Diversity, Inclusion and the Executive Order

October 16, 2020
We commend you for your enduring commitment to embrace inclusion and diversity as core values of our university. In an increasingly polarized world, the need for us to learn and grow together in our democracy is more important...

Day of Dialogue: continuing the conversation

September 11, 2020
The recent series of police attacks against Black Americans, and the widespread outrage in response, have sparked a flood of conversations surrounding equity and…

For a Better CWRU: A Student-Led Task Force

September 10, 2020
Over the summer we asked you, our students, to join us in coming together to help make Case Western Reserve the “kind of welcoming and inclusive community we can…

Information on 2020 Title IX Regulations

August 12, 2020
We write today to update you on Case Western Reserve’s response to new Title IX regulations, as well as social media concerns raised regarding the university’s... 

The Kind of Community We Should Be

July 21, 2020
To Our Students: The events of the past several months have prompted profound reflection for many of us. From the disruption of stay-at-home orders to the dangers of the disease...