Karen Young: My 13-year old son and I volunteered at MedWish International in June with some members of the Community Service group. It turned out to be a very productive and fulfilling experience, as MedWish relies almost solely on volunteer participation. Our work that morning helped to complete an order of medical supplies that was being shipped the next week, so we really felt like we were doing something concrete to help others. And Steven had fun sorting the medical supplies and trying to figure out what categories the different items fell under! MedWish is always looking for help, so this is definitely a volunteer opportunity that the group could participate in again. All in all, a very worthwhile experience!

Caroline Cheetham: Waking up early on a Saturday morning is usually never an easy thing for me to do. However, on June 26th, it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did. Volunteering at MedWish International was a great experience. I met four other SAC Community Service committee members and one of their sons where we worked for 2.5 hours sorting through medical supplies. Although we had no idea what we were doing when we started, by the time we were done, we knew the difference between a catheter and an IV Extension set. Afterwards, I may have felt hot, sweaty and tired, but the feeling of having completed the entire skid of boxes with my partner Bonnie and knowing that we had just helped numerous people (even though we were never going to meet them) made it all worth getting up early on a Saturday morning.

Michelle Saafir: Just wanted to let you know that I think that the Med Wish service project on Saturday went very well despite the low attendance. I really enjoyed it! As we saw firsthand, there is definitely a need for help there.