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Schools + Programs

Interested in studying at Case Western Reserve University? With top-ranked programs in arts and sciences, dentistry, engineering, law, management, medicine, nursing and social work, you'll find your place here.

We offer nearly 95 undergraduate degree choices, about 135 graduate and professional options, and almost 140 dual-degree programs. Plus, we have more than 100 interdisciplinary academic and research centers and institutes that can provide you with just about any program of study and discovery you can imagine.

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Case School of Engineering

Internationally renowned for education and research, the Case School of Engineering develops leaders prepared to solve today's—and tomorrow's—most pressing issues.

Engineering Site Engineering Admissions Engineering Programs Dean: Venkataramanan “Ragu” Balakrishnan

12 programs
115 full-time faculty members
1,779 students

  • 1,144 undergraduate
  • 635 graduate/professional

18,000 alumni

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College of Arts and Sciences

Home to education and research in arts, humanities, mathematics, social, physical and biological sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences offers high-quality programs, whether on the stage or in the lab.

Arts & Sciences Website Arts & Sciences Admissions Arts & Sciences Programs Dean: Joy K. Ward

21 academic departments
35 interdisciplinary programs and centers
1,547 students

  • 963 undergraduate
  • 584 graduate/professional

269 full-time faculty members
30,000 alumni

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Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

From clinical specialists to nurse practitioners, teachers to researchers, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing graduates pursue a variety of roles. With our location near top hospital systems, our students get hands-on experience learning from the best.

Nursing School Website Nursing Admissions Nursing Programs Dean: Carol M. Musil

5 degree programs
811 students

  • 327 undergraduate
  • 484 graduate/professional

90 faculty members

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Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Consistently ranked one of the top 10 social work schools in the U.S., the Mandel School offers innovative programs in social work and nonprofit management—degrees that will set you on the path to becoming a change agent and making a powerful impact in your organization, your community and beyond.

Mandel School Website Mandel School Admissions Academic Programs Dean Dexter R. Voisin

3 degree programs
1 undergraduate minor
379 graduate students
7,800+ alumni
31 full-time faculty members

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School of Dental Medicine

The School of Dental Medicine provides relevant, experiential and active learning in oral health education, patient care, research and scholarship. Our students put their learning to practice, providing quality dental care services to our community.

Dental School Website Dental Medicine Admissions Dental Medicine Programs Dean: Kenneth B. Chance Sr.

12 degree programs
74 faculty members
368 students
4,249 alumni

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School of Law

The School of Law's curriculum allows you to work with clients from the start, develop leadership skills and hone your writing—not to mention learn the core tenets of a legal education. Here, you'll have access to the nation's top firms and organizations—and graduate ready to lead.

Law School Website Law School Admissions Law Programs
Deans: Jessica Berg and Michael Scharf

4 degree programs
49 full-time faculty members
511 students
10,571 alumni

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School of Medicine

With strong partnerships among some of the nation's top hospital systems, including No. 2 Cleveland Clinic as well as University Hospitals, the School of Medicine leads in medical education and research. As a top-25 medical school, we prepare physicians to care for patients with competence and compassion.

Medical School Website Medical School Admissions Medicine Programs Dean: Stan Gerson

18 degree programs
2,443 full-time faculty members
1,911 students

  • 203 undergraduate students*
  • 1,708 graduate/professional students

10,908 alumni

*Please note: There is no undergraduate major awarded through the School of Medicine. Students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs awarded through the College of Arts and Sciences, but taught in other schools (such as biochemistry) are counted in the school where the major is taught.

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Weatherhead School of Management

Through its interdisciplinary approach to management education, the Weatherhead School of Management develops strong leaders who create sustainable value, are good global citizens and have immediate impact on their organizations.

Weatherhead Website Weatherhead Admissions Weatherhead Programs Dean: Manoj Malhotra

15 degree programs
70 certificate and professional development programs
69 full-time faculty members
1,110 students

  • 303 undergraduate students
  • 807 graduate/professional students

18,500 alumni

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Office of Undergraduate Studies

The Office of Undergraduate Studies oversees the academic aspects of student affairs, working with undergraduates across all schools and majors. From matriculation to graduation, the office helps students achieve their academic goals.

Undergraduate Studies Website Undergraduate Admissions Undergraduate Programs Dean: Jeffrey Wolcowitz

15 degree programs
70 certificate and professional development programs
69 full-time faculty members
1,110 students

  • 303 undergraduate students
  • 807 graduate/professional students

18,500 alumni

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School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies offers graduate programs in more than 80 disciplines across the schools and college, from the humanities and social sciences to biological and physical sciences to engineering and professional fields.

Graduate Studies Website Graduate Admissions Graduate Programs Dean: Charles Rozek

72 programs

  • 54 master's degree programs
  • 50 doctoral programs

2,273 graduate students

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