Lead Safe Auditor


The Lead Safe Certification legislation (Ordinance 747-2019) passed in July 2019 by Cleveland City Council outlines the following responsibilities for the Lead Safe Auditor:

  • Coordinate regular monitoring and reporting to the Lead-Safe Advisory Board
  • Serve as a member of the Lead-Safe Advisory Board
  • Maintain a list of certified lead inspectors
  • Maintain a list of certified lead abatement contractors

The Auditor will monitor the progress and status of City of Cleveland’s Lead Safe Certification program and other lead poisoning prevention efforts conducted by the City of Cleveland, and analyze and report on selected indicators, including:

  • Housing Units/Properties - Rental registrations, Lead safe certified, Vacant/abandoned, Condition, violations, Value, sales/transfers, Evictions, Permits, Lead hazard control orders, Availability of lead safe rental housing
  • Property Owners/Landlords - Type of owner, Number of properties, Sales/transfers, Eviction frequency
  • Tenants/Renters - Mobility, displacement, Evictions, homelessness, Economic status, Rental costs

The Auditor will also proactively monitor for changes in the housing landscape in the community that could indicate unanticipated consequences of the Lead Safe Certification program. In March 2020, the City of Cleveland passed legislation naming the Center on Urban Poverty & Community Development as the Lead Safe Auditor for the two-year period 2020-2022.

Lead Safe Advisory Board

As part of the Lead Safe ordinance, a Lead Safe Advisory Board was created. The Board’s charge is to:

  • Provide recommendations for improvements to the City's lead safe policies and procedures
  • Report quarterly on the progress and status of the certification efforts
  • Complete an impact analysis of the lead safe certification program

Appointed February 4, 2021

Aparna Bole, MD, 2021-22
Medical Director, Community Integration, UH Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital

Wyonette Cheairs, 2021-23
Enterprise Community Partners & Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition

Rob Fischer, Ph.D., 2021-22
Case Western Reserve University

Scot Kroehle, 2021-23

Sonia Monroy Matis, 2021-23
Alliance for Safety and Justice

Councilman Kerry McCormack, 2021-23
Cleveland City Council, Ward 3

Diana Shulsky, 2021-22
Howard Hanna Realtors

Auditor Reports Issued

Quarter 1, 2021
Quarter 2, 2021

Lead Safe Advisory Board Meetings

August 16, 2021

Forthcoming Meetings

Specific meeting dates will be announced.

  • November 2021
  • February 2022

Lead Safe Certification Public Comment Form

Stakeholders are invited to submit comments or concerns directly to the Lead Safe Auditor via the Google Form below. Comments will be summarized and shared with the Lead Safe Advisory Board for consideration. Replies to individual comments submitted cannot be guaranteed.