CCEL Van Reservations

The Center for Civic Engagement and Learning (CCEL) has three minivans. The vans were purchased to be used for group community service/service learning projects, and priority for usage is given to CCEL programs, service learning courses, and student groups engaged in activities related to civic engagement. When the vans are not in use for civic engagement activities, they may be rented for other group activities by CWRU academic departments, offices, and recognized student organizations.

Image of three white vans in parking garage.

CCEL vans may be driven only by Case Western Reserve students, staff, or faculty, all of whom must have completed CCEL Van Driver Certification Process. The minivans can transport 7 passengers (including the driver).

CCEL vans should be used by groups, not for independent trips. CCEL vans are not permitted to transport non-CWRU participants (e.g., service site clients or program youth). CCEL vans may not be used for trips over 150 miles round trip or for trips outside of the United States. 

CWRU students, staff, and faculty who would like to use a van must have a member of their group be certified by CCEL to drive the vans. Groups may then request use of the CCEL vans through the CCEL Van Reservation Form at least three business days in advance of your requested date to allow adequate time for processing. For trips under 50 miles round-trip, van usage rates cover gas and maintenance fees and will be billed to the organization or department.

If you have questions about van usage or regulations, please contact the Center for Civic Engagement & Learning at

Other Transportation Options

If a CCEL van doesn't work for your group, members of the Case Western Reserve University community can utilize options available through CWRU Travel Services, including Enterprise Carshare at CWRU. CWRU employees and students 18 years and older with a valid driver's license and credit card are eligible for the Enterprise Carshare at CWRU program. Available for rent are two hybrid sedans, a hybrid SUV, and a hybrid mini-van. Please visit their website for details, pricing and contact information.