Voter Identification Requirements

You will need to show ID to vote in person in Ohio. If you plan to vote on election day at your designated polling location or vote early at the Board of Elections, you will need to bring one of the following forms of identification with you:

  1. An unexpired Ohio driver’s license or Ohio state identification card with present or former address so long as the voter’s present residential address is in the pollbook OR
  2. Interim ID form issued by the Ohio BMV, OR
  3. A US passport, OR
  4. A US passport card, OR
  5. US military ID card, OR
  6. Ohio National Guard ID card, OR
  7. US Department of Veterans Affairs ID card

All photo IDs must have the following:

  • An expiration date that has not passed;
  • A photograph of the voter;
  • The voter’s name, which must substantially conform to the voter’s name as it appears in the Poll List or in the Poll Book

Additional identification requirements can be found on the Secretary of State's website.

Provisional ballotsIf you do not have any of the above forms of identification you may provide either your Ohio driver’s license or state identification number (which begins with two letters followed by six numbers) or the last four digits of your Social Security number and cast a provisional ballot. If you cast a provisional ballot and did not provide acceptable proof of identity at the time of voting, you must appear in person at the board of elections to provide such proof within the four days immediately following Election Day, in accordance with Ohio law. List of acceptable forms of identification to validate your provisional ballot.

The Center for Civic Engagement & Learning and Case Western Reserve University do not endorse any candidate or political party in connection with this or any other political campaign or election. Volunteer opportunities to engage in election activities will be posted as submitted by either party, and students can choose whether or not they wish to get involved.