Reservation Policy and Procedures

Students at event in Thwing Center Atrium


At Student Centers, we play a vital role on campus, dedicated to supporting student development and enhancing the overall student experience.

Listed below are our current policies concerning the reserving of space in Student Centers.

More detailed policy pieces for the following items can be found here:

Cancelation Policy Reservation Procedure Space Use Policy

Policies were updated and effective as of 1/16/2024

To ensure a tailored experience, Student Centers recognizes four (4) affiliation levels when providing event spaces and services.

1. Recognized CWRU  Student Organizations *
2. Campus Department / Campus Community **
3. University Affiliates / Recognized Nonprofits
4. External Organizations or Individuals

During the academic year, highest priority for reserving programming space within Student Center Spaces is given exclusively to recognized CWRU student organizations and CWRU Campus Departments.

Due to the high demands of the campus community on our space, affiliate level four (External) groups are generally unable to make advance reservations for programming spaces. However, they are encouraged to reserve spaces during any academic breaks (fall, winter, spring and summer) which can be found on the university's academic calendar.

Beyond usual operations, priority scheduling is given to certain university departments based on the university calendar. i.e. Orientation, Homecoming, Undergraduate Admissions, Commencement, etc. All other reservation requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.

If you are unclear about your affiliate level, reach out to Student Centers Staff at

* Must be recognized as/under a SPR board group or GSC (i.e. COC, IFC/PHC, RHA, UDC, UMB, UPB, USG) 

**Any CWRU office/department OR student organization recognized under a non-SPR or GSC group

In alignment with our mission or providing a safe, orderly and welcoming environment, the following policies guide the reservation process for all Student Centers spaces. If you have any questions or would like clarification, please contact 

  • Generally, reservations are granted by affiliate level on a first-come, first-served basis as often as needed.
  • Every effort is made to provide an organization with their requested, first choice space. However, Student Centers staff reserves the right to adjust space as needed so that as many organizations as possible can be accommodated.
  • Student organizations and university departments are not permitted to make reservations in their name for use by anyone other than the reserving party.
  • Student Centers reserves the right to cancel or decline a reservation if the event taking place violates these policies or is in conflict with the mission and guiding principles of Case Western Reserve University.
  • Student organizations may schedule a series of dates for one semester at a time. See student organization recurring meeting policy here. 
  • Certain Student Centers spaces may only be reserved by select student organizations. A full list of each type of space and their ability to be reserved can be found here.

Reservation Rates and Fees

Student Centers provide a wide range of spaces, equipment, and services to our clients to assist in hosting their best events in Student Centers Spaces.

As such, the following room rates and fees may apply. If you have any questions about which fees may or may not apply to your event, reach out to Student Centers Staff at

Room Rental Fees are inclusive of set up and tear down of the space by Student Center’s staff, and a set list of furniture / equipment included in that space’s “standard set up” 

Each student center space has its own unique operating hours, dependent on time of year.

Operating hours can be found here

Spaces may be booked outside of normal operating hours. When booked outside normal hours of operation, there will be an additional $60 per hour charge on top of the listed room rate.

If an event (including, teardown and set up) has some portion of its duration during normal operating hours, and some portion of its duration outside of normal operating hours, only the time outside of normal operating hours will be subject to the additional $60 per hour charge.

Room fees are updated on an annual basis, taking effect on July 1st. 

For room use rates, please visit our Programming Spaces pages.

During normal business hours, student groups can negate these room use rates and qualify for the Recognized Student Organization Discount if they follow necessary guidelines as a part of student development opportunities through Student Centers.

See details of the Recognized Student Organization Discount here

Each of our spaces comes with an equipment list of standard AV equipment and/or furniture. Beyond these items, Student Centers has a wide range of additional equipment that is made available to be utilized for an associated rental fee. View our equipment and associated rates here.

As part of the Recognized Student Organization Discount, student organizations are expected to complete their own set-up and teardown of their event space. However, a recognized student organization is able to elect to pay an associated fee to have Student Center staff complete their set-up and/or teardown. 

See more about the Recognized Student Organization Discount here.

Additional fees may be charged in the following cases:

A PeopleSoft speedtype or AGY account is required of all student organizations and university departments when making a reservation. Student organizations and Campus Departments will be charged (if applicable) within 5 business days following the event. 

Non-Profit organizations, external groups/individuals are responsible for paying one-third (1/3) of the total amount within 3 business days of room request confirmation being sent by Student Centers Staff. This is a non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is due 16 business days prior to the event. 

Special Policies

In alignment with our mission to be a space for the CWRU community to intentionally engage in events and activities, the following special policies serve to facilitate a more enriching experience in our spaces.

In an effort to support student organizations in their efforts to host activities and events to enrich the the student experience here at CWRU, Student Centers offers student organizations an opportunity to reserve space at 100% discount in Thwing Center and Eldred Hall so long as the following conditions are met:

  • The student organization works with Student Centers staff to complete the Event Details Process, either via submission of an event brief or attendance of the Event Organizer at an Event Meeting. 
  • The student organization completes their own set up of event space.
  • The student organization completes their own clean up and returns the space to the defined standard setup, or other setup as requested by the Student Centers staff.

Even if a group is receiving the Recognized Student Organization Discount, the following fees may apply:

  • Rental Fees for A/V, additional furniture or other services
  • Room Usage Fee outside of defined hours of operation
  • Damage / Policy Fees

Note that the Recognized Student Organization Discount does not apply to outdoor spaces, or reservable spaces in The Spot or Carlton Commons.

Beginning August 10 of each year, recognized student organizations may begin requesting space for the upcoming academic year. To make it fair to all student groups, the following guidelines apply to groups wishing to reserve space for recurring meetings/rehearsals:

  • Each recognized student organization is permitted to schedule a maximum of (2) meetings/rehearsals per week. 
  • Recurring meetings/rehearsals can be a maximum of two hours and must be scheduled within normal hours of building operation.
  • Student organizations receive the Recognized Student Organization Discount for these (2) meetings/rehearsals.
  • Groups are only permitted to have (1) two hour meeting/rehearsal per day.
  • For recognized student organizations seeking additional meeting space, a third weekly meeting/rehearsal may be requested after September 10.  A third weekly meeting will be subject to the same guidelines listed above with respect to duration, timing, and cost.
  • For recurring meetings lasting longer than 2 hours or additional meetings per week, student organizations will be required to pay the hourly rate for the given space.  Such requests may be made after September 10.

The above guidelines apply to recurring meetings.

If your organization is planning a larger, single event, please refer to the policy here. 

Case Western Reserve University Campus Departments are able to reserve a meeting space for a meeting for up to 2 hours between 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday at 100% Discount as long as food is not being provided.
Any meetings during business hours but after 5:00pm or on weekends, are charged at the regular room rental rate.
Any reserved hours outside of normal business hours are an additional $60/hour on top of the room rental rate.