Stamp Orders

Case Western Reserve University departments can order stamps online for pickup or delivery. Due to the rate changes, some stamps may need to be special-ordered. We ask for your help by trying to anticipate postage needs for your department to allow us time to fulfill your orders.

Orders are processed in one to three business days. We can send the stamps to you via campus mail in confidential envelopes, or we can call you to pick up your stamps when they are available. Please remember that we only accept payment by cash or CaseOneCard.

Standard Denominations

The following common stamp denominations are sold in self-adhesive format and must be ordered in multiples of (5) example (5, 10, 15, 20, etc).

  • $0.24 (additional ounce rate domestic/US)
  • $0.51 (regular size postcard rate domestic/US) 
  • $0.66 (one-ounce domestic letter) 
  • $0.90 (two-ounce domestic letter) 
  • $1.14 (three-ounce domestic letter) 
  • $1.50 (rate for postcard or one-ounce letter to Canada, Mexico, and all other countries) 
  • $0.66 cent stamps are also sold as individual*, books of 20 or coils of 100. *As stated above, individual stamps must be asked for in multiples of 5.

Additional Denomination Options

  • 1 cent
  • 2 cent
  • 3 cent
  • 4 cent
  • 5 cent
  • 10 cent
  • $1.00
  • $2.00
  • $5.00
  • $9.65 (Priority Flat Rate Envelope pricing-these must be ordered in multiples of 4)
  • $24.50 (50 domestic/US business postcard with postage applied--49 cent each, must be ordered 50 at a time)
  • $28.75 (Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope pricing- these can be ordered one at a time)
  • $83.00 (100 #10 first class domestic/US envelopes with postage applied--76 cent each, must be ordered 100 at a time)