A commuter (primarily a term that pertains to undergraduate students) is a student who generally does not live in a residential residence hall and either drives, walks or uses public transportation to get to school.

The CWRU Commuter Lounge is located in the foundation level of Thwing West. It is located on the side of the building that faces Severance Hall and the circular lawn outside of the Kelvin Smith Library.

There are two ways to access the lounge:

  1. From the exterior stairwell on the side of Thwing Center that faces Severance Hall and the circular lawn outside of the Kelvin Smith Library
  2. Through the interior stairwell from the Atrium in Thwing Center. There is a door by the manager's office that has a label marked "Thwing West." Through that door you'll find a stairwell leading downward. At the foot of both stairwells you will find a door with a label marked "Welcome to the CWRU Commuter Lounge."

Visit Thwing Center Administration, located in 281 Thwing Center. Ask for the Operations Manager who will help you obtain card access. Once you are in the system, you can use your ID card to swipe the door to the lounge. When the console shows only a green light, that indicates that your access has been granted and you can enter.

Your commuter permit is valid on most main campus lots Monday through Friday after 5 p.m. and all hours on weekends. Not all parking lots are available for after-hours parking; several require University ID card access. Ask about this option when you purchase your permit or contact Access Services.

Safety is a big issue, especially for commuters. The Office of Commuter Services encourages students to get involved with campus activities and sometimes this means staying on campus late into the evening, especially if you also have to study. To be safe, you should always travel with a companion at night or get a walking escort. If there is an emergency, call 216.368.3333 or x3333 on a campus emergency phone. Learn more about campus safety at the CWRU Public Safety website.

Being a commuter student—like being a resident—has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common challenges commuter students face is the commute itself. The commute between home and school can often add frustration and stress to a commuter's learning experience, especially during the winter months. However, regardless of what roadblocks commuting may have in your academic career, we strive to help you overcome them so you can concentrate on studying and help you enjoy all that campus life at CWRU has to offer.

One of the main reasons some students choose to commute is money. Most commuter students at CWRU are from Cleveland and the surrounding metropolitan area. It is more cost effective for some students to drive or even walk to school from the surrounding area then it is for them to pay to reside on campus. Still, other students may choose to commute as an alternative to residence life.