Registering for Classes

Begin by logging into the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From Student Home, click the Classes & Enrollment tile.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Academics > Classes & Enrollment.

  2. The Classes & Enrollment page will appear. Class Search and Enroll is automatically selected.

  3. Click the Term in which you wish to enroll. If you are active in multiple careers, select the appropriate career.

  4. Enter a keyword or name for which you want to search, e.g. biology or Smith, then hit Enter or click the Search iconto the right of the search bar.

    Alternatively, click Additional ways to search to select a specific subject area. See Search Tips webpage for more helpful hints on searching.

    If you have previously saved a course as a favorite for this term, the course will be listed under Favorites. Some recently viewed courses may also appear.

  5. Search results appear by course. Under each course, the number of class options available display.

    The filters on the left side of the screen narrow the search results.

    Example:  If searching for biology, you may want to narrow the results to undergraduate classes in the subject of BIOL which meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click BIOL in the Subject box, Undergraduate in the Course Career box, and Tue Thurs in the Class Meeting Days box.

    Each time a filter is selected, the results immediately refresh and the remaining available filters update to only show filters that apply to the remaining results. To remove a filter, click the X to the right of the filter at the top of the screen, or click Clear All to remove all selected filters.

  6. Click a course in the search results. More course information displays including the course description, the number of units for which the course is offered, and the way in which the class is graded. Below this section, all of the classes available for the course display. If the course consists of multiple components such as lectures and labs, all available combinations of the components will be presented. Closed classes will display at the bottom of the list.

  7. To the right of the Seats field is a button with three dots . Click this button to view additional class details and items including the following:

    • Room locations with a link to the campus map
    • Combined section information
    • Exam schedule information
    • Textbook information with a link to the bookstore
    • Course evaluations
    • Class fees

    If more detailed information about the specific section is needed, click the link in the Class column. A pop-up window with multiple tabs will appear.

    • The Meeting Information tab shows the class meeting dates, days and times along with room assignments, if any, and instructors.
    • On Enrollment Information, enrollment requirements such as prerequisites/corequisites or Instructor Consent will display.
    • Class Details will give more class information such as the location and campus where the course is offered.
    • Class Availability will display the enrollment capacity of the class, the number of students already enrolled, and the available seats for the class.
  8. If there is a caret pointing right on the far right, clicking anywhere on the row will start the enrollment process or add the class to the shopping cart.

    If there is no arrow, enrollment for the term may no longer be open or you may be ineligible to enroll in the course.

  9. After selecting the course, the Review Class Selection step appears. Review the class to confirm this is the class in which you would like to enroll or add to the shopping cart. Once confirmed, click Next.

  10. If the class offers a waitlist, you may request to be put on the waitlist if the class is full. Click the slider to change the response.

  11. If the class is offered for a variable number of units, select the appropriate number of units from the dropdown list.

  12. Click Accept.

  13. The Enroll or Add to Cart page appears. Select whether you wish to Enroll in the class or Add to Shopping Cart. If your enrollment appointment date has not arrived for the term, you will only be able to select Add to Shopping Cart.

    Note: If you attempt to enroll and are unable to enroll for any reason, e.g., the class is closed or there is a time conflict with another class, the class will not automatically be added to the shopping cart. You may add all courses to the shopping cart first, then attempt to enroll in all classes at once.

    After making a selection, click Next.

  14. The Review and Submit page appears. Click on any of the previous steps on the left to review and change options if needed. If the class displayed is correct and all preferences are set correctly, click Submit.

  15. Click Yes to confirm submission of the class choice.

  16. The Confirmation page appears, which will either indicate that class enrollment was selected or will present an error message.

    If an error is displayed, and there are options available to resolve the error, you will see a Request Permissions link. Some enrollment errors, such as registration holds, cannot be resolved with permissions. Be sure to click the Tasks tile on the Student Home to resolve any registration holds before enrolling.

  17. If permission requests are needed, click the Request Permissions link. More permissions may be listed than appeared in the original error message.

  18. Select the permissions for submission, enter a reason for requesting permission, and click Submit Request. See Requesting Class Permissions on the SIS Resources page for more information.

Enroll from Shopping Cart

  1. To enroll in classes in the shopping cart, click the Shopping Cart menu in the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the classes and click the Enroll button.

  3. Confirm enrollment by clicking Yes.

  4. A message will appear for each course indicating the class has been added to your schedule or will state the reason you are unable to enroll in the class.

    Note: You may request permissions for one or more classes from this page by clicking the Request Permissions link for each class as desired.

  5. To make changes to your classes (drop, edit, swap, or withdraw), expand the Modify Classes folder on the left-hand navigation menu to see available options.

    Decision: Do you need to make changes to your classes?

    • To drop classes, go to step 24.
    • To edit classes, go to step 26.
    • To swap classes, go to step 28.
    • To withdraw from classes, go to step 30.

This completes the process of registering for classes. Remaining steps apply to other paths.

  1. To drop one or more classes, click the Modify Classes folder on the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Click Drop Classes. Select the class(es) to drop and confirm the selection(s).

    Note: For the Summer term, the only option is to drop all classes. If you are attempting to withdraw from the Fall or Spring term, please see Withdraw from All Classes below.

    Go to step 23.

  3. If available, to change the number of units for which you are enrolled in a class, opt for a different grading basis, or select a different set of components that are offered for a particular class, click Edit Classes.

  4. Alternative class options will appear, such as sections that are offered at different days or times than the section in which you are currently enrolled.

    Note: If you attempt to edit your selection and are unable to enroll in the newly selected class, the original class will not be removed from your schedule.

    Go to step 23.

  5. To swap one class for another without losing your seat in the original class, from the Swap Classes menu, select the class from your schedule which you wish to swap for another class.

  6. Select the second class by entering the class number in the appropriate field, by selecting the course from your shopping cart, or by clicking Search to use the Class Search option.

    Note: If the class selected for enrollment is unavailable, the original class will still remain on your schedule.

    Go to step 23.

  7. To withdraw from a Fall or Spring term, select Withdraw from All Classes located under the Modify Classes folder in the left-hand navigation menu.

    Note: For the Summer term, you can simply drop all classes. See Withdrawing from a Term on the SIS Resources page for more information.

    Go to step 23.