Graduate School Preparation

The Career Center can assist students who are in the process of applying to graduate and/or professional schools.

Individual Counseling and Advising

Meet with a career consultant to clarify your career goals and evaluate the appropriateness of advanced study. You also can get assistance with preparing applications and essays, and individual questions about the process.

Credential Files

Are you in the process of gathering recommendation letters, writing samples, and your projects? PrivateFolio is an online dossier service allows students and professionals to solicit, manage, and send confidential letters of recommendation, along with other documents and credentials. This service ensures that confidential letters stay confidential, while allowing candidates to bundle letters with other application materials and deliver them to search committees and application services efficiently. 

If you are a pre-medical or pre-dental student that is gathering letters of recommendation for your Composite Letter Packet, please sign up for PrivateFolio using this link: CWRU Composite Letter PrivateFolio Service

Graduate School Information

A wealth of information exists to help you decide on a course of study or program, including:

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