Annual Res Hall Energy Contest, CWRU Unplugged, Running November 1-15

Students living in CWRU Res Halls and most Greek Houses can compete to reduce their energy usage over the course of two weeks, November 1-15.

Don’t worry, if you're an off-campus or commuter student, you can still participate.

All CWRU undergraduate students, both on and off campus, can sign the pledge for a chance to win raffle prizes. 

Tips to Win:

  • Monitor your building’s live energy consumption and take action. 
  • Get your friends and suitemates to reduce your building’s electricity use by turning off the lights, taking the stairs, unplugging devices, and washing clothes in cold water. 
  • Have a pledge signing party with your RA.
  • Off campus students should consider switching to LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs and unplug or use smart powerstrips. 
  • Consider other home energy tips from the Office of Energy & Sustainability Website. 


For the winning building, there will be a fun pizza party! 

Points will be awarded for: 

  • reducing the amount of energy used in your residence hall 
  • Number of resigned that sign up for the Sustainability Pledge
  • Individuals are automatically entered to win raffle prizes by signing the pledge. Prizes include gift cards and zero waste kits with tote bags, reusable silverware, beeswax wraps, and more!

CWRU Unplugged is organized by the Office of Energy & Sustainability, Sustainability Ambassadors with support from Student Sustainability Council, the Conservation Project and RHA.