CWRU Unplugged!

2021 Contest Recap

Congratulations to Alumni House residents on their 2021 CWRU Unplugged win!  The residents of Alumni House signed pledges, attended events, and reduced their energy use by 4.56%. Their efforts were rewarded with a delivery of Insomnia Cookies on Reading Day. Additionally, five people were randomly selected from those who signed the pledge during the contest and will receive a "reduce your single-use plastics" gift set. 

Runners up this year were Phi Delta Theta and Hitchcock House. Don't forget to take the practices you started during CWRU Unplugged 2021 through the rest of the year to continue reducing your energy footprint! 

CWRU Unplugged on green background with yellow trophy in foreground


CWRU’s Annual Energy and Sustainability Contest will run from this year from November 1 to November 15, see the winning res hall details in the right-hand column.

Students living in CWRU Res Halls and Greek Houses can compete to see who can reduce their energy usage the most over the course of the two weeks. All CWRU students can sign the pledge and attend events for the chance to win.  

The residence hall or Greek house with the highest combined points wins, points can be garnered by tallying the:

  • greatest electricity reduction (see live electricity dashboards below),
  • greatest number of pledge signers and
  • greatest number of event attendees over the two weeks...

...will win a planted fruit tree for their building, and Insomnia Cookies for all residents! 

All students, on or off-campus can sign the contest pledge to personally reduce their environmental footprint and attend upcoming virtual sustainability events to garner points towards the contest. All students who sign the Sustainability Pledge will be entered into a raffle to win a smart power strip or bamboo utensil set. 20 winners will be picked at the end of the contest.

Who can participate?

All residence halls and all Greek houses can participate in the energy savings event. But any student on or off campus can make the pledge, attend virtual events, and be entered to win a raffle prize.

How can you participate? 

  1. Get your friends and suitemates to reduce your building’s electricity use by turning off the lights, taking the stairs, unplugging devices, or air-drying clothes.
  2. Sign the 2021 Sustainability Pledge:
  3. Attend the events below and make sure you sign in with your Res Hall: 
    • FallFest - November 7th, 3-6pm 
    • The Office of Energy & Sustainability's Annual Big Green Event on Nov 10th, 5-7:30p
    • CWRU Unplugged S'mores Party - Kusch Quad - November 12, 5-8pm

How do I know who’s in the lead?

  • Check the Office for Sustainability Website
  • Live building electricity dashboards are linked below!
  • Standings will be announced on November 8th and the winner of the contest will be announced on November 16th

CWRU’s Climate Action Plan pledges reach climate neutrality by 2050 and your actions count now! Show us your Res Hall or Greek House deserves to reign supreme during this year's CWRU Unplugged Energy Contest! 


Northside Buildings included Link to energy dashboard
Clarke Tower Clarke Tower
Cedar/Magnolia Pierce, Storrs, Cutler, Hitchcock
Juniper Taft, Taplin, Smith
Mistletoe Norton, Raymond, Sherman, Tyler
The Village Village Houses 1-7
Carlton Michelson, Glaser, Kusch
Murray Hill Alumni, Howe, Tippit, Staley
SRV (bottom) Greek Life Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma, Beta Theta Pi/Pi Beta Phi
SRV (top) Greek Life Zeta Psi, Sigma Psi/Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Psi/Delta Upsilon, Phi Sigma Rho, Sigma Chi/Alpha Gamma Delta