Green Tips for Employees

Save Energy

  • Use task lighting instead of overhead lighting in your office;
  • Set your computer to sleep mode after five minutes and disable your screensaver as it does not use less energy;
  • Turn off your computer when you leave campus as well as your monitor;
  • Close blinds at night to help trap heated or cool air;
  • Turn off the light every time you leave the room and hang up a little sign by the switch to remind you.

Save Water

  • Turn off the water when soaking hands while washing;
  • Seek out low flow flushing toilets;
  • Report any leaks or drips on SchoolDude.

Reduce Waste

  • Optimize your lunch to be Zero Waste by packing reusable containers instead of "disposable" baggies and pack your Sustainable CWRU spork (or silverware) instead of using plastic tableware meant for the landfill;
  • Use cloth napkins and hankies instead of paper napkins and tissues;
  • Recycle your button batteries, toner cartridges and any e-waste;
  • Make use of rechargeable batteries;
  • Seek our recycling bins if there isn't one nearby and let us know if we need to install more.

Commute Smart

  • If possible, walk, ride your bike or take the RTA to campus;
  • Carpool with a neighbor, if you can;
  • When driving to CWRU, make the most of your car's fuel efficiency: avoid idling, park facing out and coast until you really need to break.