Event Planning Resources

Academic Calendar

When's a good time to plan an event? Be sure to know when classes are—and are not—in session.

No two special events are the same. There are some key resources available at the university that all internal departments are encouraged to explore.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Center provides a central point of contact for customer service questions and provides assistance with unresolved issues for all members of the university community. 

University Technology/MediaVision

From meeting room support to large scale events, AV, video and event support are available to provide a wide array of equipment, personnel and technical services. Media Vision offers equipment such as microphones, sound systems, and projection equipment along with meeting accessories at significant discounts.


For assistance with parking for your campus guests, departments are encouraged to reach out to the parking office in advance of your event to coordinate location and rates.


As Case Western Reserve University's food service agent and strategic business partner, Bon Appétit is recommended for any catered function or affair. The company offers a full range of catering services. For those authorized, the services of Bon Appétit may be purchased by providing the catering office with a CWRU departmental speedtype against which to charge the event.


University Marketing & Communications showcases extraordinary events to build local and national awareness of the university. The department uses coordinated and thought-provoking communication to engage internal and external audiences who may want to know more about your activity.