J-1 Student Intern Employment

J-1 Student Interns may be employed and conduct their internship at the location(s) listed on their Forms DS-2019. Paid employment is permitted only if it is described on the Form DS-2019 issued to the J-1 Student Intern.

Student Interns can be paid by Case Western Reserve University or a CWRU hospital if that is the site of activity.

Distinction Between Internship And Employment

The sole purpose of the J-1 Student Intern program is to promote the educational objectives of the foreign student’s current degree program. The internship must be considered “work-based learning” rather than ordinary employment or unskilled labor.

The J-1 Student Internship cannot be used to fill a labor need or displace any American workers. A host department cannot use a staffing agency or service to recruit J-1 Student Interns. The internship must meet all the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).