OPT & STEM OPT Reporting Requirements

When F-1 students have been approved for Optional Practical Training, they are required to report changes in employment-related and personal contact information (within 10 days of the occurrence) to properly maintain visa status. How students will report this required information will depend on whether their authorization is for the first 12 months of OPT or an additional 24 months, based on a STEM extension.

Remember, SEVP tracks students' employment status based on the information that's reported to them. To avoid situations where a government official may determine that you are out of status, due to a lack of proper reporting while authorized for OPT, it is essential to comply with reporting requirements in a timely manner. Find more information about how SEVP monitors students' unemployment limits.

The following links will either connect students directly with the SEVP Portal through which they can report their updates directly to SEVIS or will provide them with information about the appropriate reporting steps to take. Additional information found on the following pages will further explain methods for proper, timely reporting.

Students gain access to their SEVP Portal upon being approved for OPT. They will receive an email notification directly from SEVP with instructions about accessing their portal. If a student's OPT is approved, but they do not receive an email notification from SEVP regarding the portal, the student should email a copy of the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to visa@case.edu so that an advisor can look into the matter.