Updating OPT Information

Students reporting updates to their employment information must:

  • log into their SEVP Portal and provide all of the necessary information pertaining to their updated employment,
  • log into their Terra Dotta record to request an I-20 Reprint,
  • select Update from the drop-down menu in #1 (be sure to provide a brief explanation),
  • and finally click "Update" to submit the request to ISS for processing.

ISS staff members receive notifications when students submit updates and process them in a timely manner.  Staff members will only contact students regarding their update if they have questions or concerns. If a student does not receive any notification from an ISS staff member, it is safe to assume that the update is being processed successfully. 

Students will be notified by email when their new I-20, containing updated employment information and a valid travel signature, is ready.  It generally takes 5-7 business days for a new I-20 to be prepared.

If you are unable to log into Terra Dotta, please email International@case.edu and indicate that you are a student on OPT who cannot log in to submit an update.