Michael Magness (BA '70, LAW '73)

2013 Daniel T. Clancy Alumni Service Award: Michael Magness (BA ’70, LAW ’73)

Michael Magness served as a dedicated volunteer at the university for more than 40 years. He served in numerous alumni programs, held several offices and chaired or served on several alumni committees.  A double alumnus of the university from the Law School and Adelbert College, Magness continues to be an active member of the New York Alumni Chapter and has served as a member of the CWRU Alumni Council, past Chair of the Law School Visiting Committee, and was an active member of the CWRU Undergraduate Alumni Association. He served as the first elected president of The Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University and served on the Presidential Search Committee that brought us our current and highly regarded president. Never one to sit still, Magness is an emeritus board member and serves as a member of an alumni association board committee.