Alumni Stories: Our Enduring Past-Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Alumni Stories: Our Enduring Past is a CWRU oral history project celebrating the rich, diverse history of CWRU through pictures, videos and interviews with alumni. We invite you to listen to the following stories below.

Moses Joloba (GRS '96 GRS '03, pathology) defied expectations when he established molecular biology labs across African countries. 


David A. G. Johnson, Jr. (WRC '73), member of Case Western Reserve’s Alumni Association board and chair of the oral history committee, arrived at the university on the heels of the civil rights movement. A student activist himself, Johnson has drawn inspiration from those who came before him, specifically the first Black alumnus of Western Reserve College, John Sykes Fayette.


Robert Madison (ARC '48, HON '04), the great-grandson of slaves, had the drive and brilliance to thrive, despite attempts from others to determine his future for him. In 1954, Madison opened the first African-American architectural firm in Ohio, and only the 10th in the country. This was only the beginning of his many accomplishments and contributions to society — and the challenges he would overcome along the way. This video features an interview of his daughter, Jeanne M. Madison (WRC '75, MGT '97). Robert was recently featured in The Alumni Association's Blue Book Club.


Dan Clancy (LAW ‘62) joined the FBI after graduating from CWRU’s School of Law. In 1965, he played a part in history when he was assigned to protect civil rights activists during the Selma to Montgomery protest marches.


Nancy Fink (WRC ’73) shares her experience as part of a campus protest of the Vietnam War.


Fred Gray, JD (LAW '54, HON ‘92) is one of the nation's most distinguished civil rights lawyers, whose clients have included Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In this video, he revisits his time at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

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